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Listen: "Two teams chasing them, the Oklahoma City Thunder, the Cleveland Cavaliers, they face off on Sunday"

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Jason Miller
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While the second half to be and be a season is under way we show the Warriors get their fifth loss of the season on Friday night and then survived a late push by the Clippers on Saturday to avoid was number six been now forty nine and five two teams chasing and the Oklahoma City Thunder the Cleveland Cavaliers they face-off on Sunday in OKC joining out a little who is Fred McLeod he's the Cavaliers play by play boys on Fox Sports Ohio with Fred let's start with the new was acquisition for the Cavaliers Channing Frye has not been cleared yet by the Cavs to join the team he has even made the trip with you guys to Oklahoma City he tells the latest with Channing Frye if it wants me because of a broken when you know it may be time should command of this one of living room to only going to probably should have privacy issues with more than two weeks before the players you know medical and nutrition took mean nothing out of the ordinary just finished fifth will be back to contend for a Detroit on Monday or perhaps one big adjournment.