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W news radio eleven it is time for fifty five k why w business report now futures down a bit this morning two points for the s and p five for than as doc now futures are off eighteen with more here's cbs news business analyst jo slazenger stock index is closed it fresh all time highs the dow rose one hundred forty three points in twenty thousand four twelve the s and p five hundred added twelve to twenty three twenty eight pushing it's market valuation to more than twenty true early in dollars for the first time ever at taking thirty points to fifty seven forty four almost a full year after closing and a record one hundred thirty three dollars a share apple spot get it again a new record high one hundred thirty three dollars twenty nine cents to share the level gives apple a market valuation and nearly seven hundred billion dollar that's more than one hundred twenty billion dollars ahead of the number two company google parent alphabet apples climbed about fifty percent from the los seen in the first half of last year it's up fifteen percent so far in twenty seventeen restaurant brantley jones burger came in tim hortons reported a higher than expected quarterly profit as sale's a burger teams stores open for at least eight year klein and cost fell jo slazenger cbs news and checking futures once again s and p futures down to points for down for them as that dow futures off seventeen business.