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Taylor Weidman
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They announced they were going to do in their very first test up now it's kind of i roddick because i think everybody kind of widely agrees desktop computer in me he's not a growth category it's kind of kind of a little bit of a yeah aside dead but it's but growing there's a limited number people would need to step computers chiefly people use him for work so if you're reporter in newspaper he might even be used to laptops and certainly everybody i see the when you see the offices of blogs you know i think gadget are the verge there it's all laptops when you arrive at google as a new employee you don't get a des topped you get your choice of a mack ap see her crumb book it's a laptop so really the people in the best option our video editors maybe reporters of major better hall of newspapers of such a thing so exists that's another not a another not such a big growth category let me think rockets scientists it's not the best market is not a huge market yeah mike are so i've said hey we think we could do some pretty me and so they did at first i first set i thought well come on an all in one everybody's done those even apples been do it all in one since the number the old days of a white i mack it looked like a lamp fact the big deal about that steve jobs spend hours with his designers trying to get a arm that would hold the screen in place i would not you know where out you know if you've ever had one of those like but do layups you know the the arm lambs after while they get like like my microphone arms squeaking and they get the lamp and they don't hold so jobs put always he i was very proud of all the effort we put in to make this great arm so fast forward almost twenty years later and microsoft as an all in one with a movable sprained adjusted the screen but they did something i think that was surprisingly effective so first why first i saw dies what and just an all in one we've seen.