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What Is Time And Does It Actually Exist? 

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Levent Kulu
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I think we have time for another listener phone call hello this is signs fantastic here on the air any time answer questions jonathan i am calling from inglewood california listening to you want freedom nine seventy and i don't think this i mean this can you tell me whether or not are you believe it well some people say space time maybe it's all an opt goal and maybe time doesn't really exist maybe space doesn't exist well that's what we have to define things goes without definitions where does spouting words into the vacuum and when oh when you define time you realize the time is the way to measure change when things change we need a way to measure that change and we call that time so obviously things change the very fact it you could even aspect question is a consequence of the fact that your muscles can move your mouth can movin' the radio ways couldn't go across space and i can listening to it so the very effective there is change means that there is time this time is nothing but away that we have of measuring change i shakespeare i think had the best way of looking at it shakespeare said that the universe is a stage everything around this is nothing but a stage and we are actors making our entrances and access on the stage of life well this stage is space we are matter propelled by energy and the way in which you measure change along the stage of life is time now of course things get very complicated benign spend comes along any shows that there's really a four dimensional structure but a space and time i really in some sense part of a single ap wreck the fabric that can stretch and and so another where is not only is their time but there's also space and that space and timer part of a larger amputee called space time matter and energy are also part of a larger concept called matter energy and that's the relative is take away the i'm stymied away viewing the universe wentz again you can always give us a call twenty four seven at eight six six reputed.