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Why Isn't Reality Wavy?

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Collapse only function well usc question wish goes to the very hard to of quantum mechanics and that is if matter is a wave ended vibe braves and gase vibrations talk about different possible possibilities and then how does that wave collapsed to give you reality reality doesn't look way to like we don't see the fuzzy nez and away from this when we actually look at the electra we know i'd be like trying his here right there at that exact moment and so the way function had to collapse and this has been a source of consternation and debate fellow has eighty e kickers eighty years the giants are physics einstein meals ball or show to injure debated what does it mean when the transition is made between the wavelength properties of the sup of how mike world which we can measure and the fact that well elect trying to do seem to be like little steal ball hall's where is the wave like property well if you look at it climb mechanics textbook is simply says as you pointed out that the wave collapses now people didn't like that for eighty eight years people didn't like that but what can you do cueto mechanics is a cookbook it's a recipe puck big kid should the right answer every time you scatter elects runs pro times prime is on take tebow's on every time he's scatter some atomic particles off each other climate can it's comes out exactly right well there's several ways of resolving this paradox of tell you my way one way is that well these waves represent different universe is and therefore when you make a measurement the universe the size to be in this universe versus another in other words the very is a fork in the road and before you get the fuck in the road you can be in all different possible states but have to make a measurement you are in one state and not in a way like states this is the many world scary it's very controversy all but hey most of my friends main given the hillary it's believing the many worlds fairy wait says that they are an infinite number of parallel you know versus that when you make a decision in a various let's splits into an infinite number a possible you know versus so when you when you know various.