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Listen: "That was his final game in Chicago at the United Center. Big man Julius Randle a double-double, scored twenty two points"

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Jonathan Daniel
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Here's our latest sports Update it's not a bit when back here in Los Angeles Sunday goal for sports the biggest on eighty as the Lakers fall to the Bulls won twenty six one fifteen from the United Center Lakers guard Kobe Bryant of twenty two points on twenty shots and his final game in Chicago at the United Center big man Julius Randle a double-double or twenty two points also pulled down twelve rebounds for Chicago guard Derrick Rose and game-high twenty four points the Lakers dropped a weapon of forty six it was their fourth straight game of the counterparts the Clippers are off until Monday night the thick on the Suns the Clippers are thirty six nineteen on your coming off a was the Warriors in their last game and a job with Ducks' top of the Flames' five into from the the center Ryan Kesler scored twice in the game for the Ducks who know as thirteen goals on the year as the Bruins sport in the first period for his fourth goal of the season back in the first boxscore John Gibson stopped twenty two shots went two for five on the power play opportunity as they move to thirty nineteen o eight and you're the thick of the Sabres of next begins take on the Flames on Tuesday night their thirty four twenty and four on the season are coming off a win against the Predators in overtime the Kings into their game thirteenth in goals per game of the season basketball USC fell to do so earlier he was sixty nine a final thirteen for twenty but right scored seventeen points and six rebounds in the game USC guard torn MCL open scored.