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Jay Hernandez Opens Up About The Man Who Changed His Life

Jay Hernandez talks about Hunter Tyner, the manager and mentor who discovered him and pushed him toward becoming a film star.

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I was with parents and this this dude walked, he had honestly that is that they can up on meaning, was the was all it was, now it's , it was what was what did he say specifically, he said You hey you have a hate you have a great look, here, give me a demure caught exactly, I totally, now, kind of , you're with your parents I just in but yeah it either of them might well thank my dad was late, kind of freaked out by about his needed, watch show kind, he did it and how do you at this point I I was late, eighteen I think go on. the guys learn to make sure you're of age, the street legal, so why not than any acting before that now, you know and it's funny because I rights to the deal was that is why didn't turn it down he's like a pay for everything pay for you to good acting classes get head shots a gets you in a hopes and you don't opinion anything back in to you, start making money, Dawson, good to be juggle I'm not as he re Automobilist are on track than Aus like this is kind of a no lose situation, alright so I did it for a little while I was horrific didn't book anything, unlike three years deep with maybe like to crappy jobs and I.I.I. Poland with him in the car pull over unlike that I can do this anymore and wasting your money, long story short, two weeks later above crazy beautiful and it's like it out, wow, they got you cut him loose right, I don't have done so here's here's, that don't know yet been, if five years and recovery right season nag at eight cleaned up his life, found me got me in this movie despite come a big break, so he's sober, I'm in New York to impress for Curry is beautiful and he passed away I get to it now, yeah yeah, three, we were, on the subject ago, notes Gaudreau, I'm trying, on you, let me ask you this about that did he have the whole bunch of guys like you that he was fronting try to be with you just Plan a numbers game was it just you know here I was I was the first one because you didn't use to do like promote rock concert and Detroit or something like that and then I got into management. And hit a couple clients but nobody really work to know, on I was the guy who focus on the most, I was the guy who ended up like you know doing stuff