College Basketball

Listen: "So Kansas, Maryland, Miami , Villanova, Oregon, Duke, Texas A&M"

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Lance King
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Dot com on Twitter at a lob Radio what are the moments that he will take away from the Spurs few days BNP doubling tournaments and be schedule it is I mean looking ahead to next Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday we don't us better defender yet but just in general knowing the sixteen teams that are still standing it is off out so Kanter for Maryland Miami Villanova Oregon Duke Texas a M O you not a fan convert any more but obviously they've had a lot of battles in the past North Carolina Indiana that the Friday night once again going nowhere Ana Friday night I'd Notre Dame with gone fan Virginie Iowa State and then get that again feared case as the two double digits feed still standing but no one is picking those are Cinderella and that we don't have a thinner Ella we've been around La where she Northern Ireland would've been hole Y DE would've been of course milled Timothy feted but it gotten by feared youth Steven have often was so close but Yale was the Thunder well a brief only Arkansas where the rock famed bang but there's no Cinderella laughed I guess you could begun that I get maybe Oregon not aborting comes around power conference even though they never been a one feed before and they don't have as much thinks that the basketball as they have in football I don't I can not comfortable saying Oregon is his offender Ellis though given that I got most most bit reparti but it's not a perfect fit we may never menu the final four but I'm also going to eighteen straight and he doubling tournaments so I think we've got one he's the offender L anyway eight five five two one two four two two seven is the number and again on our Facebook page were asking for a votes for man crash Monday I will get badgered calls about college shoes but a couple of things that happened over the weekend that didn't have anything to do with basketball.