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Henry Bergh, The First Animal Rights Crusader

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Matt Cardy
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We have to none i don't know about that because i'm looking out one year master pieces or at least i think it to masterpiece well but let's still people what i have of your book in front of me called monsters and near goals it's henry burks america now we're going to tell people gary in a moment who can re burned is quite as he was but i can tell you when i first heard the title when you publisher first set need an e mail in regard to the title i said to myself wiped monsters in me of course how did you come out with that title well if it connects to this story of henry burn colon so well fee million era after the war in new york city who became very interested in the plight of animal and i had been previously interested in animal welfare and ended up becoming the the president of an animal charity in new york called united action for animals at bats for five years and i came out here to become an executive fema and society of the united states very large an organization so i knew henne perkins for many years but his story really hadn't been hauled in the mainstream media and he was the first person to form an animal protection society an amazingly enough later in life to also became the first person to former children protection society is story with that and and i read up in my head fortunately when i was living in new york i was nearly afp ca and had a friend their gave me access to their archives so i got to the person though journal quipping books batter artifacts and then in flies was really fascinating and i decided to write about him because nothing have been written about him in more than fifty aaron once oakland that you do it because i knew nothing out down a little embarrassed to say but i am very excited that you did right to bow because i found out a lot of information in in one of the things that i've counsell fascinating.