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TMZ's Harvey Levin: Prince's Death Was More Popular Than Michael Jackson's

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Chelsea Lauren
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Hey Harvey how it's morning I'm good guys are you doing I know you're very busy you guys are right generating Prince stories that all arming Gray I can't imagine how many people you must have on this thing right now is history continues to unfold Harvey yeah I mean we have we haven't grown our staff this isn't it it's the same people would has been working real aren't just working really hard well congratulations on and I will tell you that you know it but one thing that has just shocked me about it which is the comparison to the top of the Michael Jackson when you play well I think Michael Jackson is probably Bigger but then again I think TMZ is much more popular now but it was those all those years ago when Michael Jackson diet so I don't know why I'm so gonna say Jackson Bigger so we had nine million people on this site to date bad Michael Jackson titles winds eighteen million Cole it is that because there was hit with admission we you were the only sore so everybody going there I look I mean I think it's a couple of things I think what you just said it absolutely is true but that was also to remember with Michael Jackson bad for forty-five minutes nobody else knew nobody else reported that Bryant mainly now it's it's TMZ is so much more credible as the years go on the people guys I think we were credible back than I mean I'm not saying they weren't I'm saying I don't know how good breaking everything I I think that look this site is Bigger but also I think a lot of it has to do with Facebook that would happen if you can't really put enough that he phenomenal changed in the internet that you know the internet it kind of this you get a website as the starting point but it's help people wish the stories around you know a Facebook is so enormous that literal I mean I'm telling you you to do at one point when we put this story up I talk to spike was going to explode I was looking at the metrics that we have here and I've never seen anything like it even you know times for I've never seen anything like it and I know I literally it and end the site started to shake a little bit and are in our top guys you know work Williams in fixing it but I've never seen anything like it yeah I would imagine crashing would be a real sphere and that makes a lot.