Oregon Ducks' Mark Helfrich Takes The Blame, If There Is Any

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Do you personally feel pressure going into this season, Boucher pressure on an everyday you know how we can do things better, myself person for most our staff everybody, round around our players that Kicker. Porch the Jazz in and, puts them not only track football as but but , and to come out here better man but yeah every every single day were will compete and think about this a lot with coach is that are under the spotlight in big program for their sex for tation, shielding your guys from negativity from the fans and from the media who could be very overreaction or do you feel like you want to do that or need to do that from your guys because the expectations are so hard, I think you have to address it you know I think I think in the past you could you could say you know even even, five indefinitely ten years ago, you get couldn't you can just avoid it you know you could very easily, now you get an update on you know somebody to peanut butter sandwiches three clock in the afternoon everybody in the world knows that it three you know three clock into second, and so you can not talk about certain things, that , the thing that didnt youth, certainly can addresses, who you listened to and who you reacting, and in a way to get help yourself and your came in the long run, you know Cook making sure that those are all the right voices that that they're taken an era less of the conference in scoring D. last year and I wonder with the type of offered you guys run Do you feel like that was a product of having a high paced all fans which had a lot of possessions a lot of quick plays for that a failure on defense for you guys. Well says any failure it's it's my my failure my fault no one will need to look any any further than that, and you know certainly took took some steps to address that in the offseason and in Britain and Brady hope is a new defensive coordinator, and as is as good as you can be, in an offseason managing all the game going out of that, during the spring ball in stone you'd be cents, you know into filling in an attitude in the discipline about the way that that were plan he's been phenomenal we haven't women stopped one person yet but backup, right where we're sure open that that carries over