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Listen: "Went to a hair salon to change their looks and stole a van in Los Angeles"

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Scott Olson
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Were in the presidential contest now moves on to New Hampshire where the nation's first primary is seven days away He inmates to escape from a California prison had outside help from the man who slept them escaped tools and gave the riders safety before they kidnapped a taxi driver a gun point and held him captive fur week well arguing over whether to kill them Orange County District Attorney Tony wreck caucus says additional charges are likely to actively working to investigate an consider charges on The three escape ease is all teacher and others in the days before they were capture thee escape these also shop at Target went to a hair so why the change their looks and stole a ban in Los Angeles be engineer at the controls early Amtrak train that ran off the rail zone outside Philadelphia last may killing aid people told investigators he could barely recall the moments leading up to the night-time crashed instead he had a dream like the memory of his locomotive going too fast around a curved in transcripts of interviews released yesterday the conductor was cooperative offering details and his evening run from Washington to New York after fifteen years at near us dirty airlines are starting to restore some small perks for passengers cram did the coach.