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You're Fired: A CEO's Outlook On 'Letting Go' Of Employees

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Christopher Furlong
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Prove to continue ask i think i try to rely on the advice of others as much as possible really get great people around you and let them do what their best out usually you know if you're the ceo you're supposed to try to be the dumbest one at the table and then get out of the way so hopefully have accomplished that everyone so i probably put my hands a little you know too much in the cookie jour but i try let people run this whole hiring noon vetting people he's always been treating to me and some of the work out it's probably someone's fall somewhere maybe years but if they don't work out how to handle it directly you know i time a big proponent of given people feedback early and often whether it's for lauren form all and when people don't work out or win a higher doesn't work out it shouldn't be a surprise to anyone so you just get on a gurley and you know always try to help someone understand that it's probably better for everyone to get to part ways when it's not working make you a lot of money in a probably doing something right yeah can answer to your higher friends or family i don't recommend it has a no look and you get knows all time they what your strength is a ceo i guess you know from a technical standpoint you know the stuff i do best is probably the you know the financial engineering the fundraising the finances things of that nature and i think i mean what's the most people think that emmitt quite good at it relating to all of my employees and making them feel comfortable showing on the side of me that's not just some business guy who rates than a paycheck but that you know i truly care about them in their welfare and the family zone.