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Kevin Winter
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I'm for one last look at the showed his before the day Haley for us Twenty Sixteen Pelley fast Twenty Sixteen right what's Pelley fest some of you may be asking Don't make me laugh Kelly press is just the greatest time of the year that saw its brought to you by the good folks at the Pelley center for Media formally known as the museum a television and radio Pelley center each and every year puts together a a series of evenings dedicated to televisions best and they bring out the casting creative teams of some of your favorite television shows shows like scandal Big Bang theory Fear the walking dead American harder story Supergirl Dick Wolff and all of a shows lawn orders and all the Chicago's just a great great lineup each and every year needed to meet the people behind some of your favorite TV shows they do a great job on stage of it asking a bunch of questions be a moderate and then usually the loping up the questions to the floor so you'll get a chance to talk to your favorites you can get tickets by going to their website Haley center EL he wide Kelly center dot org or you can get tickets right now because I have the two pairs of tickets actually for the very special evening with the Big Bang theory Big Bang thirty to celebrated its two hundredth episode recently it's amazing jesper Adam West was on that show him having a marks the sixteenth if you're a big fan of the Big Bang Syrian you'd like to attend watched him you call right now one eight hundred five two zero one zero six seven.