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The trending topics discussed on CES 2017

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Robots here as well and you mentioned also virtual reality annoyed official intelligence if you think about for the last year of amazon echo the election and google home date google the combination two of the hardest thing to do when computer in voice recognition and artificial intelligence put those two together that is really a powerful combination so we see a lot of those here connecting all of the smart home devices being able to control them by voice command so that's the next big step and then the stuff of last who is a robot so we see lots a robot heroes arthur don't sir little make a couple call me a little but he stuff and also little played games so you've got a little bit of everything that very very the you know the future is really here on the show for that last couple years virtual reality was a big thing but now that's getting incorporated into you know maybe more practical things like you know putting close on what would be a and avatars size body of huge to see what they look like there are through a ride to do you are was big here last year it is again this year you know virtual reality and all comments should reality which is you know they're throw reality you put the has spent on a takes youth someplace else thought mentored reality is within cloaking mangano i'm edition of the physical reality and jeff kingston on the object or character on that's what both of those during evidence here and but you rise number two reality for the okay ending it to really big deal but also for commercial last couple looking out you know what an apartment let might look like the fashion that you talk about the big fashion the family taxes kids packers i mean when they have a show there's an big is this one you've got just with everything state we didn't touch on security cyber security anti hack areas is that becoming a big thing well of course and you know put one of the other things that happens here this is a big conference there's conference ocean's as well as the start oh and that's one of the big topic cyber security you know is we talk about this internet of things is we talk about putting our information and mcleod for more of the star are concerned with.