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How My Division Rescued Me From A POW Camp - Testimony Of A WWII Vet

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Siegman Fred Ramage Keystone
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kept walking think maybe read that would find that the greatest and we could hear him that this seven I but the next elite or get out of the range of the artillery but then used by the next lightly here are to retired with the the distance that they found the caught up with this that they put into the can't there were reset their own out that so the demand chose to come back to the out there go with him so that's pretty unique of all the prisoners of war that talked about enough I've ever met a guy who was liberated by his own division says the sixty third that liberated Jan where was that they say at least fifty miles north Muni that at root for this posted how did it come about how did you realize that you're a free man again we did the bill when the Philips got up that morning to go back to the the dream he held back he said there's still guard on that story at the barn is integrate that burn will go to realized in the Germans took the couple Ray and that's just shortly that warning deep board in the air during the captain from our out the focus of this retrieving the Germans has been retreating out of there so it's just a matter of time people were was over that had a pretty good deal was,