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Why Is Mars Such A Barren, Bleak Place?

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Create a stronger like a magnetic he'll before the planet if you are okay well mars has been in the news every says now as a said that he yes we're going to meyer's sometime after twenty thirty but the question is why is mars such a bearing blue lee place well it has very little atmosphere atmosphere of pressures one percent that of the earth and is basically made out of carbon dioxide but why winded mars lose most of his time is here and it's a consequences lose most of its liquid water because once upon a time to wear liquid ocean's on the surface of mars and the ncaa correctly pointed out is that maurice has almost no magnetic field a magnetic field is very useful because it acts like a sealed a she'll protecting you against the solar when the sun or wind is very fade but it but fits the atmosphere of every planned it and blows below a lot of the mala culos in space so because mars has almost no magnetic field it has no protection against the solar win which in turn below is the mala kills of the atmosphere and got a space causing maurice to lose ninety nine percent of its atmosphere now let's say we tara form mars let's say somehow were able to raise the temperature of maurice and inject methane another kinds of greenhouse gas is an raise the temperature of mars the question is what we lose the atmosphere again isn't it basically a pointless exercise in futility to china terrell for maurice when the atmosphere is going to blown up anyway well yes and no first of all even if you create an unstable that mr of maurice it's good for a few thousand years so in other words yes we can create with tremendous expense and atmosphere for the planet maurice it will cause hundreds of billions two chilly is of dollars but it's going to be stable for thousands of years then thousands of years later you're probably have to do it again because of course the atmosphere the newly formed atmosphere will gradually leak out but there's also another factor involved if you raise the temperature of maurice efficiently it means that the polar rice caps will begin to melt because are made out of try ice then ordinary eyes and has the poder ice caps fall out it release is more greenhouse gas this into the atmosphere with six cellar rates the heating up martis so we have another effect taking place are runaway greenhouse affect the warmer mars gets the more the polar rice caps melt releasing more greenhouse gas this into the atmosphere which to raise a temperature even more so there is room for hope even so it may caused.