Listen: "The guy from North Dakota States moving up sounds like he could be in play as number one quarterback pick"

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Tom Pennington
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We're show from Yahoo Sports sports radio and yet there sixth-round pick for Johnny Menzel this is something tells you know Cadet could make that deal and that would be done so with age with a prefer to have Johnny man Zeller Wednesday for for new you know the Cowboys picking for us they're in this era at the Senior Bowl heavily in Is this week his Carson lands the guy from North Dakota states moving up sounds like he couldn't be in play as a number one quarterback picking for this Dallas decided to go through the draft because he's got to figure Tony Romo has two three seasons left him at least he instead of bringing it man Zeller Archie three regular draft route and develop a guy that can be re to go on a couple years when Romo maybe x it's been a valid on iTunes Sarge for the Yahoo Fantasy free Joe million daily appointment with us broadcaster Rehab dot com slash fantasy.