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Listen: "He got into the 280Z and took off, he stole a car"

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Ethan Miller
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Who's birds fine around any inside a these things they flying through doors and aged ate there is they're dumb and they can't figure out how to get back out so what what you never think about is well they gotta each somethin' an there's food there so they'd pictures of these birds packing away some of the meet the to sit here on the shelves an Hey it happens you know there's there's and little that you could do about it especially in the case of birds but with grads and cats another things like that sometimes they wander in places where the not supposed to be so if you have a story forest by all means feel free there's one though that before we get back to the phones after tow said yeah so derided a duck story of kill Gore Texas and again we tip or had to the good folks at KLM TV TV who tell us what happened at the taco boy know because she's a guy winning the the talk a win oh and filled out a job application others two guys who were involved in this story do number one walk Dan an filled out a job application at the talk away know this would be thirty year old Courtney core dealt an fill that is application and handed event at the same time that he was handing in his application dude number two Brandon Jones left the drive-through game he's two eighty easy i think which is another really funny part of the story so the news here is that there is still a two eighty see running at it leaves and kill Gore Texas an dished two eighty seat is this guy was pulling away is is Brendan Jones who's pulling away from the Tuck away know he realized that they had forgotten a significant part of is ordered they had left off the kids meal that he was going to feed his son free dinner so he pulled a around to the door of the taco boy know an opt out of these two eighty easy left it running cause he was only gonna be in their long enough to say Hey you forgot my kids milk and I have it and then could back in his car but at that point thirty year old Courtney Cornell who had been filling out the job application walked out an sought to eighty seat right in front of him with the keys in eight running So he got into the car he got into the two eighty Z N took off he stole a car now Brendan Jones had turned around by this point with the kids meal in his hand ends saw much issue grin his two eighty Z move a little bit because Courtney Cornell was sitting down in the drive receipt so he wouldn't find out the door an was beating on the window saying Hey man you can do this is my car as the cars sped off now what's the huge flaw you missed criminal Masher Menachem story well maybe the fact that he had just filled out a job application with his name it is addresses phone number and all the spurred information now first of all you have to think did he not expect that they would catch him they knew where to find them and checking of all do you think he still in the running through that job but the topical boy you know but I just I wonder you know what there is shipping should leave it once and big it the gig I just I know he's not going to and I would be in a million years I would not advised the folks at the dock away no tire this cat but wouldn't it be the best catering.