Listen: "2006, 10 years ago, you win a world series"

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Tom Szczerbowski
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Seen teams really worked hard to win the division and when postseason rolls around they may not have enough left compare to the team that has been really working hard just to get a wild card there are ready and playoff Mo when this think it started and I think sometimes it works to their advantage more than maybe we give a credit for I think that's term I think those who have to fight and clot of the end to get an are on a roll there are not Burks winning and you know they're hard to be so women we've been one of those teams as you know check about two thousand and eleven which justice been such a wonderful year for San check about all the years which had assists it doesn't take long to remember two thousand eleven post body because there were Cup which as you would I would care Libby Jonah like can you believe this what's go up now and in still of this day with all the success a few was saying way that that was the darnedest thing I've ever seen we'll see it again but if we do our ready for this time I'm always ready for the something like that happen I read wants to re that I thought really captured at that if you wish the most but will from unusual thing that could happen I knew Kaep hoping for it it just continue to developed out wide because we had to win so many games at the end and we had to get into the playoffs and now in having gotten their winning the various series was very difficult and at the very hadn't yet Arrieta under our last Strike several times and were able to come back so it really was remarkable season and I'm sure gaining sixty still stands out for you like it media maybe us all the worst baseball the first five six innings ever about big leaguers in the last of the most exciting baseball in the game that's a game that will go down in history is one of the great games and and postseason baseball history and will always honor that that game in that team and that year and it was just a remarkable experience two thousand six ten years ago you win a World Series I will celebrate an anniversary this year where you remember about that I was talking to Jim Edmonds the other day about it he said but had a concussion the year so there's a lot of plays I don't remember except when we won well you remember the highlights the thinking this series against the match was push year Gen that was quite a Game.