Peyton Manning's Dad: 'I Always Tell My Kids To Enjoy The Journey'

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what's it like for you alleviate watching your son's but also kind of got picture so so rich, and think about it earlier in the week and and was says you know first and so the son played in six go to that, and think about the and it's been ten years that so the Colts oh one actually two years of one or so, Unfortunately couple so as a parent in this trough tells to my kids to enjoy Jordi things prayers worked, that that worked for friends who are followers of the court that in in think about quarterback to and have this experience as a good, or last night news and does or is it will get there, these are the things there isn't going forward, and obviously you know all over to all our real heard from all yesterday so so I think about what's quarterback sold was something about or use, think about two so to worse than we orange or that are you know sometimes you can look over and I'll get this,