Hugh Hewitt On Climate Change

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In other words and they are pressing corruption as a narrative that opt to define this election, no I don't know decided over Clinton H.Q., the corruption was the way to go, given the Bills seventeen million dollar contract with Loria which I believe violates support for a practices that or given Hillary's thirteen missing Black Perry to missing I pads and one missing, laptop, or given Berra long history of lying and Griff ten, I don't know decided to go that direction, but by all means kid but comment, you want to talk about corruption all day long, that job, fine with me, over in Fox good news you know Presidents actions fine and only matter once it agreeing room whether once in an A.B.C. This Week and and I found her not persuasive I've never watch the show it just honestly the Tribe you ever heard the play any granted ancestor an audio, right, I just I'm not a great event Justin person, if if we play clips it's about their people might grind out I should not, I'm and Boucher I watch, top for an, shutout, add in John Dickerson but here's the good news, but break humor, one, I have a reason to stay and watch Fox now, at seven P.M. West Coast Time ten P.M. East Coast but, I watch Brady of all they wanted him the best news man in America, and I want thought that so that that run allowed. And Gretchen Carlson, were seen, and sixth Avenue yesterday polling a bag of money, I worked twenty million dollars tissue wore a Wire and endured for I had a great into it Gretchen I I I told her story from are book, the smart missed America if not the title of an akin to the title of it but she played the concert violent with the Minneapolis Symphony at age twelve Shoe with the Stanford, I can remember career from memory, she went to Richmond she went to Cleveland she got fired in Cleveland she went to Dallas You With the C.B.S. as a spot anchor meaning that should, everywhere should spots tendons all over the country, I got a big break, she's really smart she's really fun issue that person of face or grandfather ran the biggest Lutheran Church I can remember in about Gretchen so I'm glad that, but they made good on Gretchen, but just the weird Neustadt, but I play I wanna make corruption the story this election and good, now here's a strike told you about, and I'm writing us up by the way it it it does tie in the might pay pal, rapid last our which will be posted over you you have dot com, com, infected began it this way follow me on this or not you can listen hit Riddle version, my friend Bill says to me on bitter Saturday night joined the answer is E.N. dot com its allergic also Mets. Gone real be up in about an hour, but my bottom line as, my bottom line is that, because I had some leverage a Twitter account with a decent following someone finally intervened and my long national nightmare yesterday so that I could actually by a service for thirty dollars that is supposed to be fun, but the web was interfering what my life yesterday, because it opened and the Kyle in two thousand and seven and never used it and the pay Paul Irish got losses were standing in my way like money tight bonds Black Knight, well every single day, millions of Americans are experiencing minor era tense, like bests, first world problems, but there on top of major problems, white gun violence in Chicago, like the Ice a threat to the florist in London, and and so they are ready, two, they are ready to turn the table over Pinkel eighty we caught and a friend, in junior night Billy energy got to be with the Lord down, as my best friend and six great any had to have, I hip replacement, and that many with an upper body cast all summer long only if you're in those days you have to be a body cast, Bryant flat all summer long judge over to play monopoly with him, and we just take out together, and now, he had niche, but with the ball the Billie come away victorious right now so we just play him. Monopoly every day, and whatever you got frustrated with a game you call it Pinkel eighty I mean a game was going on to won't be the only got one or two of those are summer, and a pink lady wise, I think we invented the term I mean you know we're came from, you just, throw the board up in the air you just tired with the game, hey Clady and it was done, it was his Emerson boring and we move on to something else talk about girls or whatever else, ladies, that's how we spent the summer, well I think the American they're about to call pink Lighty, on this because they're just they've just had it with every night, which brings me to The Wall Street Journal, a substantial blood this is an Aaron, Bachman piece this morning, a substantial block of reply, the back of their Major party candidate for president, so just think Donald Trump is an opportunity to make the race more competitive by persuading him to return to the G.O.P., his challenges for medical however, since almost eight in ten of the voters have sharply negative use of Mr Trump an obvious Democratic rival Hillary Clinton, that raises the prospect that they might vote for third party candidate or should out the election, the composition of the undecided pool is far different then in prior years, typically undecided voter show a little attachment to either party, in only slight enthusiasm for the election. They also turned have lower income levels in educational Attainment than voter overall this year, the pool includes far more upper income and republican leading voters from suburban Metropolitan communities, areas that often determine which party will win the state the following year, and they form a Larger pool than the last election about thirteen percent of all voters compared with eight percent in twenty twelve so the racist tied right now, but thirteen percent or undecided and those thirteen percent are far more Republican leaning, then the eight percent that were undecided in twenty twelve, , these are not the less engage weekly partisan people said Republican poster Bill Mack and turf, they're better educated people Lin republican who don't like Trump have zero use for Hillary Clinton and their paralyzed in frozen right now, alright let's enemy if that's you listen to me, the Supreme Court, he's going to shift, for forty years, as a result of the next two appointments forty years maybe fifty get may never come back, and that's Supreme Court will never overturned a regular Torey agency that said global warming means you can't have a backyard swimming pool, that's Supreme Court will never ever ever overturned the ruling that tells you you got to put a hand re or three in the middle of your sanctuary, , that's a pretty Courtnall never overturned a ruling that tells a local Church they have to turn up their lights for softball they get which they have been conducting Bible studies for the last thirty years because of A.P.S. next door doesn't like at the draw case eleven ballclub by the way. That's Supreme Court will not overturned and a lot pass by any poll down the tell you you can have a gun of its and if it's disassembled and a ten parts, each kept in a different room one of which isn't the house next door, they will up all that, this Supreme Court, Hillary Supreme Court, we'll never again rule for this dates against the Federal Government, they will never again stop the cancellation of any conservative speaking at any State funded University, because one person doesn't like that, they will never again allow a trial of the terrorist they will close get well this Supreme Court Hillary Supreme Court will run at all, and global warming, and you and I'm by the way I'm not a climate the air temperature gun, might have some global raising of a title, watt are might rise all but here and there, could be a real problem over five hundred years, but but they're going to say that as a result the bat, you can't use play next I don't know what role though come up what if they said it's gonna happen that's the Supreme Court the it's coming, so wakeup people, wake got, you never choppers, it's not about you know it's not about jumper to not about Hillary it's about the Supreme Court which is assume complete control over all aspects of American light and you have got to stop them, it's just the way, you could say, in a legend. Now with and I'm not doing anything but, and that pointed The Browns, and it's not, copyright, that Hillsdale calling every few months T.Q. quirks on us Constitution, order to gradually learn more at Hillsdale gotten, , the answer, if you've been looking for it here, and E.N. twelve completed, news, and anywhere you'll hear it here, first are just to include Hewitt continue, when I had docket Hershey was a match scarce it shouldn't leg and missing for hotspots a thin Dulko so why take the dog could event for the standard run in a Milt has been treatments no result, I hear your advertisement on the radio, I know I will, Kyle eight five nine four eight eight one thanks alike at the five count locks of done a fight and he lico chops within a four week total instead other German shatter I have a German Shepard, Shane, is a harder and five lean pounds of shiny moved happy dog for life because she gets fed dying of fight, and the results were just incredibly outstanding and she lobs that when you're rescue would dog you have to do the right thing you've got a street him right from light, stupid nine invite, going to fight for life eight five nine four two eight one, and I won't be I.P., dot com you've heard me, bowl in Branch sheets for a long time when I get fifteen dollars off your first, the only sheets the diamond fetching with Hiller sleep on there in Virginia there in California we take ball in Branch when asked whether we're stand and east coast a West Coast you're getting breakneck. easier and more affordable than you thank you don't need expensive matches has united sleeping pills change the sheets everyone to try ball and Brett sheets love them that's thousands of five star reviews In The New York Times forms fast company The Wall Street Journal all of them talking about ball and Branch sheet they guarantee allowed them to third on what you, try them at home for thirty knots not be get started right now fifty dollars off your first set she to Bowlen Branch dot com When you try pro code Hewitt h e W.I. 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Wilson and persuade them that, the Cain is the issue was the one that they should be, be Voting for felt, you know what, it's one of playing again we think about thousand training eight years, I told some of the other day Hewitt if we basically average to training every three days, for what they years week trying on average told people every day for the last eight years so it's something we get on you know it's something we have to be very regular about missing what my concern would though the ball on center right that the left been doing this for decades, they've been out there they've been developing leaders they've been putting people into place, where they can actually make policy, and so lately in on what we're doing what I I think we're doing a lot of work but we're gonna fraction of what the left wing Phillips won a thing I just even curtain people trying, we got to go develop a farm team of future political leaders we got to training acted upon how to be more effective for that they can actually bring real change in the community and if we see enough of that happening, if rises from the ground up a weakness started real, his son I can't tell you over the course of a than on the air since ninety-nine people say what can i do now if they join your party, but then you know sometimes parties don't exist sometimes their run by collecting clubs you can become a political activist and be very effective If you know what you're doing and American majority will teach you how to do that you don't have to be powerless and it's actually kind of fun Matt. It's Ackley known that's was things where I help people with American majority were willing to lowing, flooring be that the barrier to entry, especially for the thing about run product to build on you know I bought about I just don't know what to do, we kind of Cole back to failed, it is what it really looks like knew they could together campaign planted, great money that they can messaging that they just social media, they got together get-out-the-vote plan, and then it right with activists we just Lee empower them enough, I love the east of that this is it where people come to look if they want to do something I just don't know what to do and we come hate you think you've got with social Media, he is a tactical strategy that works, if you think you're good with building Coalition pure some other ideas he should be doing if you think that you can do good get-out-the-vote to want to get better, something you should do wasn't as highly start to really affect change of what take over a school board City Council is a tactic that strategy so or really trying to empower people, where there to make change happens it's is like sports it's like cabinet coach and you if you wanna get better go to a coaching clinic go to the American majority training, Matt Ryan followed that on Twitter that the new thing to do at net Ryan and I got our Y. U.N.. Matt Ryan are Y. U.N., and all American maturity down or bank in net, one eight hundred five two one two three four, will the supreme Martin motivating these Undecided, that try and organized one eight hundred five two, one two three point connection, watch, twelve, during the summer, I'm in on the action Pack information, let's became Hewitt, is coming right back, imagine someone stealing your home without even breaking in but that's not possible, think again, have you or your aging Paris already fallen victim to Detroit notice how stealing the F.B.I. is calling hell stealing the fastest throwing White color crime in America, the scariest part most people have no idea their home title was transferred often to a person the homeowner knows him trusts but or family members, now there is a brought alert service for homeowners and their loved ones can check risk-free but they're not already a victim it's called home title Luck dot com and it also alert to have someone maybe trying to scam you out of your home try home title Luck monitoring risk-free today and receive your Holmes title history fifty-nine dollar value absolutely, three D. crowd is increasingly targeting seniors, protector biggest asset and don't lose your family home forever, make sure you're not already a victim go to home title Luck dot com, that's home title Luck dot com home played a lot, com This is the issue huge, if you are over the age of fifty and considering buying in annuity and the next sixty days on him some urgent news for you. 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Melbourne financial have the appropriate licenses for the products they offer, we knew in Washington, Newton is now a top of the storms it makes landfall on Mexico's mainland the national Hurricane Center in Miami says Newton has wins of near seventy miles an hour those will continue to Week in those a storm moves for the us border it's expected to start dumping heavy rain today, Arizona in parts of New Mexico, in Syria opposition leaders are expected to unveil plants play for political transition in hopes of ending, the long running civil war in their country the plan is to be made public of meeting of the Friends of Syria in London the Hong Garry and the camera woman seat on the video kicking and tried to trip migrants near the border with Serbia has been dotted now for breach in the piece. Last year later apologized for the September twenty fifteen incident but also tried to justify or kicking a boy in a girl, later try to trip up a man she was fired by the right wing and I T.V. Agency after the video went viral this is asked for a news, yes the new stature something and twelve sixty, the answer it's cloudy and seventy-five degrees in seven thirty one good morning I'm Scott Brady D.C. police are checking out a possible grenade that was found in a timely town Park, the device turned up yesterday afternoon in the forty six hundred walk of forty-eight straight Northwest, Alex deal Middle School and would row Wilson High School were order to shelter in place to the nearby possible explosive, the man convicted of killing a fellow University of Mary Washington student in the home a shared a smiling an appeal a jury convicted Steven Vander, Lenny was sevens to life plus eleven years in the strangulation death of Greece man back in April two thousand fifteen during the trial bring also attorneys per tradable suffering from paranoid schizophrenia, if the appeal is granted the case would be try to the Court of Appeals of Virginia in Richmond noted fully appeal is been such yet according to court records that was reporter Frankie Hammond police are searching for missing rock film and fifty-three year old Gregory garnered was last team-leading is Holman the sixteen under block of Bradley Avenue at about four thirty P.M. Monday night police say Garnett's families concern for as well. After because he's without his medication or notice White six three two which is weighing about two hundred fifty pounds he was lasting wearing a Blue tank top and Blue jeans but actions speak the Braves ninety-seven last night in outs Parkey Royals beat the Rays eleven into last night at Tropicana Field in Tampa, now check on the road still of that accident on a three-way eastbound Jad sixth and seventh Street left mind gets by against jammed up from fourteen straight three one northbound north of McAndrew road still cleaning up an accident watch for Police direction they're also one fifty eastbound acknowledging road Louis looks like that's at car fire on the ramp is pretty much through to the shoulder, if not completely cleared were just watch for the way they're fifty and bounced motion for ten Georgetown worth Avenue watch for delays two ninety-five southbound jammed up from Eastern Avenue toward Pennsylvania haven't in this report brought to you by Compassion International, every child deserves enough that's what you can give to a child in poverty when you sponsor for Compassion International find out how at compassion dot com slash radio, local news every thirty minutes all day long I'm Scott Brady on am twelve sixty the answer, now, you're exclusive given the forecast and I am twelve sixteen, the answer more humid today was Sunshine in a few clouds heavy thunderstorms far slate assessment of this evening high ninety one, Marty cloudy very warm and humid tonight low seventy outside about what a seventy-seven a District. For mostly sunny very Hocking in with a high ninety eighth record is a hundred set in nineteen thirty-nine, Friday hot new move a partial Sunshine high ninety-six Rex for that today, ninety-eight from eighteen seventy-two was rushed for the forecast I'm meteorologist tallied eight runs it to know what on am twelve six T.D. answer, , he added, getting together tonight, it can be, for me tonight on an attendees, Donald Trump was on our I.O.A. last night telling Bailey doesn't have a narrow path to victory cut number five, the stuff you have very little margin for error you got a knock off Ohio you got an awful Florida, got away North Carolina wish implosion heavy behind, you got away neither Michigan or Pennsylvania that's tough you don't have any margin for error where she does have some March, when you say you you're talking about the Republican Party because it's always been that way, that was in the last twenty years on, there's just too but I think we're doing very well in the states I just left again Ohio were doing well when leading at Ohio were leading in Florida where leading in somewhat, one, yeah, but you know how would you say we juicy tonight you don't have a lot of margin for error you got to take the key states that I've mentioned can be tough for you in Virginia, but you don't need for just hasta, just let surgeon yeah I know but I just lesser genuine and we're just about even in Virginia oust someone you know a college surprise that I'm not I'm not surprise I think you know I see the crowds I see the people. But that were pretty even a Virginia to tie would you would you see that he don't have much margin for error in a lifer college or not, when you say you get your job, you look at the finalists, no it's not, yeah I'm just saying the Republican Party has a tough for this no question about it down that it's always been that way for, along number of years, I think we're doing well and I think we're going to win all right, yeah, jumps not yielding anything he saying he's going to win and be well figure all poll today that says it is massive undecided people, but are very different than the ordinary undecided people, I think they're going to break for him, for all the reason, you know I began the day whether ran against pay pout but all of you have your own Ranch all of you do I ran for you, when you run into modern America and call centers, and D.M.V. lines it don't work I I could run an entire show I have in the past, on the minor era tens of wife today that you just wonder what in the world is going on with this country why do people, this way, why do they act this way what they did the way the people dry, all of this here tation combined with the Ultra rach but I talk to you about yesterday Hillary singing Hey Jude with Paul McCartney Jon Bon Jovi and Jimmy Buffett. At fundraisers were cost twenty seven and our least dollars tab a twelve year old asked Hillary a a question, the bubble that they live in and Bill Clinton seventeen million dollar, laureate university contracts I think it's all going to come together and it turned everything over election, Steven in South Carolina where you think Steven, I think as well as gun grade think it's up for paid off, if the ball This is the Larry O. lit up rehab, but gimmick will bring in this league and look like Bulls, I have a lot of great here, but for the Never throw for tear the Larry O. the Bennett, the picked up a goal, if Hillary when the November, but when November in January, it will be an died, with investigation, it's still, working own Clayton Mason and email, we're not over, he won't be able to a sold the president say this this isn't happening statement you're you're you're off on am I write than fiction too but that ain't happening if Hillary is indicted Hillary will become president, and show partner shot at the end of the story, and we're not going to go down rabbit holes about Obama staying in office you're not old enough to remember, I am, in two thousand who was the knot, that meant said what was not going to leave Larry claim him, whether Larry claiming, , no no no it was I learned golf course, Larry Nichols was out there saying Bill Clinton one middle leads signed executive orders the when you leave The White House like ups and this is crazy. Of course he's gonna wait, and there is no way that President Obama is not going away, but that that's not a real problem a real problem is Isis a real problem is four hundred and eighty eight people killed in Chicago this year which is stop in your car, for a moment, I know you're dry Morneau work and just say a prayer for those families, just just, four hundred and eighty-eight people in one city we just Jake that to look up how many people have been murdered and , Dallas, but Dallas is just slightly smaller in Chicago, I wanna know what the murder rate is in Dallas how many people been murdered in Dallas, Jake see if you can look up something, four hundred and eighty-eight homicide in Chicago already last year, Dan forty-eight four on an eighty what, so there are four hundred and eighty-eight, and the people, and if you think about what a family, his around in individual homicide, spouse mom dad brothers sisters Cousins any outs how many people who lives or completely up ended this this thing, one in the world is wrong in Chicago, what in the world is going all over the United States of America, that makes people this crazy, part of it is drugs, right it is the influx of this, this her win combined with, , a certain kind a drive, we're been, we are, pitched causing more people to die in emergency room, every weekend. Then in car crashes and Ohio, but tidbit it's it's a weird weird time, but I I do not know, what people expect will happen if they support Hillary Clinton that is any different, then what it happen under Barack Obama, why would they expect to go back and if you look abroad, why would they expect China to stop building artificial islands, in the middle of Philippine national territory, why would they expect Russia just popping baiting you credit, why would they expect Isis to stop, killing people if they vote for Hillary Quinn why would they expect anything to change, in this world, no reason to mark in Georgia one eight hundred five two one two three four hate mark, how do you got, thanks for having me I wanted that Apps your opinion and I know this may be a smaller issue, Mr Trump supports the key word decision by the Supreme Court, which I'm like What, play saying is he's uses, condemnation authority of the state to advances private project yes, and how to win that can sell that they either a conservative it's I hate to Montgomery it's not, but here's where it's not about whether or not that's a good decisions a bad decision, it's about, the one hundred percent drop dead shortened deep that Hillary Clinton will appointed not only key low loving Justice is but every other nightmare out but laugh justice as it is a one hundred percent certainty. it is anybody out there who was a candidate running that's opposed to get up, one of two only one of that Trump or click when she your choice is Trump or Clinton it done matter about your job I don't know what Gary Johnson will you not, and I know Joe Stein were just assume take all your property so no I know, yeah, you're try sit your choices Clinton, and and it's pretty easy she is going to appoint not only judges who support key low, but judges theirs apart, Times twenty right now there's a theoretical limit called South Carolina coastal commission vs. Lucas I don't all have become law knew, five por decision, where out the South Carolina coastal commission couldn't take a guy's property and say You can never building one hundred percent taking and end the courts at night can't do that, now Q.O., there's a bat, and by the way they didn't pay him in South Carolina coach of commission vs. Lucas I just took the land, and he allow at least the woman got paid we didn't like it because it was a eye, a government condemnation weren't was transferred over defies or they never be Opening Day William like you love for that reason but at least she got paid it's not the worst thing they've ever done, they've done much worse than that and Central station much where their good the government, if you let Hillary Clinton put one judge. No the school E.S.T., the court will make keel all look like the good old days so you have to vote for Trump, you really do mark, yeah, I just got to solve that fell The Night You Do you really do it's not even close the Supreme Court under Hillary Clinton will make Heel alum, like the good old days, thank you my friend waited Fort Worth Texas what do you say way, I man up, enjoy listening on the way to work and I just want to say that deep down I think this is a, there's going to be a good thing I think Trump gonna win close to forty state, but your goal, there are they're a big things afoot underneath all this might payout how rant did you your mind now rant, no I did not, then in the vehicle yet but up, even Mark Levin has now that he'll vote for Trout so that's the good say what I end mark is always going to do what's best for the country and it is clear the what's best for the country Donald Trump they can my friend, Joe, in Pennsylvania John your stayed matters a lot which way elated, well have to first, I was a little, of course the about Trump But I get it yeah, a look at how, the Democratic Party in the Republican Party, not one him because of on Wednesday to New York in appears a football issues that made up. Little caps, and they are afraid that he's going to break all this stuff, I think there's such constant when he's on both form, I was trying to my yards on bolted for what eleven Pennsylvania, I wouldn't wait troll Pennsylvania just, up forty mouthpiece to Pittsburgh yeah it's it's is on a Palmer land, one of the end, that play looks road once, never met Mr. Palmer but that great, you're not far from eye, I'm town Western P.K. it's going to be very solid trumpets the Philadelphia suburbs it got to wake up, I got a Wake out, I don't mind it only concerned as to who do so that's I'm really concerned about voter, because I got to tell you in the state of Pennsylvania, the primary alright, the primary were three Democrats running alright, and and what happened was we never heard of this person from Philadelphia to get three and and I give my own little, the Ohl, walking around in saying You know Kathleen with, everybody, you know that yeah playing with here three, yeah you need all the other guys overwhelmingly one of them being Jones said Dekker was a former or Gronk, votto Friday in this country today is the real issue in a forty-two whip, in Philadelphia and as and that's why you did I believe I'm not certain about this I believe the Pennsylvania voter fraud statutes have been overturned by the courts I'm telling you right now if if Hillary Clinton and this is in the Wheat thanks for the call it Hillary Clinton get control the court. They will take control of re District, they're they wanna do for years five four majority if kept them from taking control every District in every state will be like Masters right now they're Democratic states that we District for Democrats and republican states that we District for Republicans what's Hillary gets the court every state will be reduced ticket for Democrats, all of the people you don't wanna vote are going to be a lot about I mean every restriction, on voter front will be gone, it was the story in the paper yesterday, and so I'm telling you you don't have a choice you've got to vote for Donald Trump, he also, he also have enjoyed it, I am posting as we speak, S. is E.N. dot com Hey pal how N.Y. Trump will win it is my short I'll tell you about it after the break a tip it, if Dwayne post the audio it will be and is already up, it's already out you go to New York dot com and see at I'll tell you about it when I come back also tell you about relief actor dot com right now, if you take I D. pro but if you took it this morning or leave this morning, then every day I'm I'm in your hat, every day I you know you should be Jake eerily factor dot com instead, the starter Packers nineteen ninety-five, the started back is nineteen ninety-five, I don't know what elite cost I am bought it nearly can take a wait I get taken an sat period. So I don't know what a leap got buddy abrupt but it's not that expensive, but it's about the same as relief actor dot com going watch the testimonials but you can not take I D. prep an everyday or you shouldn't it raises the risk obstruct if you take it every single day if only incrementally you don't want to do that, you want to instead try natures pharmacy that's relief back-to-back calmed the blow in the green bag will come your way, but only if you get a shot watch the testimonials, maybe it you're back maybe a Chinese whatever we information it during the Avalanche planets rights in nature will help you relief back-to-back comedy right back America stay tuned, , this is the Hue Hewitt, , I'm just going to crash on the George Washington Parkway South but the key Braves left lane Blocker jammed up from the C.I.A. on the freeway eastbound between main Avenue and sixth in seven straight accidents off the right shoulder those delays Munich fourteen Street also three ninety-five north not the kind of got accident blocking the right lane, I left wing blocks on the ramp two from Washington boulevards right lane of the three lanes as walks or watch for direction their three a one northbound north of McAndrew row there's a crash just being cleared getting word still jammed up from substation road haven't John Parkway southbound between the Bell Lamb player Martin Parkway, everybody in their two ninety-five southbound from Eastern Avenue toward Pennsylvania haven't had much for slow traffic on two ninety-five northbound from the belly laboratory rode in Maryland ninety-five southbound is running slow from the inner County connector headed down toward about Wayne College Park to seventy southbound slows from eighty-five in favor to the truck skills and again from fatherly Boulevard it's often on delays for the belly lane divide Accu Weather four. Cast sunny hot in more him of this afternoon heavy thunderstorms like this afternoon to ninety-one I'm Scott Brady with traffic and weather on am twelve sixty the answer from executive producer Robin J., this guy, yesterday, even out to renew a speedy chance, he figures out its sixth, that would be in came here , in our bench, I believe in Europe, detonated not, on Friday, the most, when he's at today, everybody is the top four teams in two years, only on C.N.B.C., I believe God created usage to commit us all we have, critics are calling helps, ice, life-changing experience, incredible, it is noted, tilt, tension in the queries, nothing, we're sixty, phoenix, but will stop as it makes it, prepared, with three P.G. with a good suggested, sometimes sixteen Michael made that one stroke to continue to that Presidential, reassured people that he's ready to be precedent that we're actually going to have someone in the oval office, he can actually worked with the congress who can actually worked with the bureaucracy with supports, and, hold back from the unnecessary fue, Michael Bennett that shot, weeknights at ten am twelve sixty, the answer, , if you pregnant making it is need is really important but so was even right away can help you do ball so you can get healthy food you need while you're expecting, and with rookie providing with nutritious food fear baby too, so you can raise a stronger healthier as smarter child wickets available to qualified family somehow Sultan into your child Its five years old.