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Sh*t radio hosts say

Karel's Ultimate Donald Trump Rant That You Really Need To Hear

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I have heard from he ever brightness he and have been hit he inside hate heartthrob talk radio for many years of inside hey good called the precedent everything but I never they've done everything for any year after the vide of their problem Mexicans everything but I think they've done everything sort appalling game back in a minute want abortion more and some of them have even stopped short on maps they have blatant disregard her anything simple or moral I think you're intellectual butter involed with them in a time when it created him giving averaged ads on TV and Senate last out I think that they have miles per year the name of the peace bridge their hatred and big three an Gaslamp hearing ahead caught mom Cameron, yeah when did you have you know my Donald Trump America not working in on me over, but it's only enemy are for about ten percent of the only about thirty year thirty-five million people that's a ten percent by the way it mean nine out of ten Armstrong stop focusing on that people both of past are focusing on the nine out of ten people that I think even India and that Bernie or Hillary or caving or someone I think of the brain would be get better president not focusing on that apples not winning cameras around imminent Brown about he can't have more he him David do you have the opportunity to do I'm not terribly death to America have fallen the cinema ignorant I'm on that stop empowering them and I started being a second the moment we said they and then having that as much as we can and then open review contained getting read about, offering the mom one-way ticket an reading like Donald Trump it people in followers are you put it in the media is feeling and by the way protest in several different being back the very nature of American Donald Trump we the constitution and you know okay,