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Listen: "As saying we won the Super Bowl all day long"

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Ezra Shaw
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A link to the Denver Broncos yes and their fans as well as saying we won the Super Bowl all day long Today Super Bowl fifty champions Peyton Manning goes out a winner and I've said before their there's certain superstars that resonate with me and there's ones the dog and I said of before the game ascending and now Peyton Manning's never been one of those guys that is resonated with me Reimer rooting for him every time he's got a chance to win all but at the end of this game even though I was rooting for the Carolina Panthers and I pick them even at the end of this game I said this is something that is just so cool it's one of these cliches he can right this stuff the fact that there's been so many years when he's been such a dominant player and not been able to get it done something else was in his way then this year here he is old in her and not playing in games in the balls or wobbly and is all of this stuff and now he gets his second Super Bowl championship and to do it again such a great team in the Carolina Panthers what a great story line but then it was like a lot of that emotion was socked out of it for me when the first thing he does when the game is over is hogar Papa John's and in the first interview that he does it's is going to Triple-A Budweiser just felt so that these there's few things that should still feel pure and that was one of those moments later lady guy guys so it here when she sang the national anthem come down to face a night that to me it was not a knack that'll be did you couldn't cry I know she's an actor now and some show whatever American horror story or something about the the just prior like that I think that's continue when a motion here she is your big popstar but she's singing the National Anthem at the Super Bowl and it's itchy had that feeling and keep could be worth ten gazillion dollars if you can be anybody else shedding appear begins a special moment like that to me that stuff his cool right Peyton Manning selling stuff like he's barely made his clean i'm honored to have from horrible it just felt to made felt they can reach again in my made a what he's going to do and he won the ball game and then you're not really in the moment I can understand where you come from also understand the times we live and where you you market every little bit he thing maybe that she should still be Sacred that no Spurs moments you know later you see him doing the Disney I'm going to Disney Leonard is the world duo to maybe could've done that the Papa John's again you could have gotten the cap picture video of that later you could a given the Bud Light but was a quote later after all the the be amiss show he festivities and emotions and things of that nature but the it it's done i'm sure his heart well but he must feel like it was pyramid and you know he owns a ton of those pop Papa John's franchises there in the Denver area and so he chose to get out there Man that was first and foremost on his mind and then when I don't want to take anything away from him but to me he took a little bit away from himself in that moment because of that was not my perception that's not when I was expecting and then that happen in the change my to now is that going to be my memory of Peyton Manning no I mean he's still one of the best quarterbacks I've seen play the game and this was a fitting ending for a great player a Hall of Famer and a champion it just just like I do you know who has to be upset nationwide alright como had done marred go gosh I just one another one the last I would never wow yeah I'm done no more SuperBowls for me to take the whole week off a via ton that showed no that's how you foe second win.