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Listen: "The week of the Super Bowl, no one felt like, you know, let's just leave this one on the cutting room floor"

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Ezra Shaw
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Absolutely yeah the week of the Super Bowl no one felt like you know let's just leave this one but let's leave this one on the cutting room floor now he was he was brought he was question and across examine the main it was that he was not very again cooperative but reporters wanted to drill Ham that allegation yet it was not a there was nothing new or nothing shake read in terms of with Ray Lewis this isn't there with this isn't the right time its way into the games over to ask and now he he was he was peppered with questions he was battered with questions about that but again that that's not a retirement press conferences and getting ready for the Super Bowl so you could say that those two things are apples and oranges just to re set here give you an idea what we're talking about Denver Post says Peyton Manning is going to retire next week of The Broncos are saying years made up his mind Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah I don't believe that I'm thinking Manning is going to have a retirement press conference if he does is it appropriate to ask him about the Tennessee story eight I two one-two four CBS it but five two one-two four to two seven a major full opponent in for Mark losers here's a Ricky in Washington D.C. I've CBS sports radio.