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 star wars legend died

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Back in jerry fisher's star wars legit the star wars legend her life she was actress the vault with a many other films as well i remember playing in none in the james sound bob strike back in fact i try to get older kevin smith tonight to give his opinion on this and he was very busy a lot of you were busy because the holiday this rather difficult to get in touch of people fisher reportedly suffered a heart attack late last week well on a plane from won the los angeles and then it was reported stable condition and people really thought that she had a fighting chance but a death was confirmed in a statement by a family spoke person but today and i was notified this morning about her death karri willis who of course is so personally with coast coast am i was in kentucky today to have me on a program there to discuss or death was only a few minutes but it was very sad to hear about this and and to me you know actually why oh well you know what what exactly did the she mean to people and i and i want to hear a lot of people start science i'm i'm actually open the phones to a lot of people the talk about star wars carry fisher remembrance is ideas questions all these things we talk to mr lomo and now it's it's up to you tonight to full lines up and start of dialogue about prince of slayer i know a lot of people out there are happy that we're talking.