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WWII Vet Opens Up About Serving 

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Chip Somodevilla
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So i get my tree seventy five sui funny killed a better and that there was made into rugged we showed luis ohio to the green bay packers a lot of different people away well you've had quite a few adventure sir and you're looking for to some more nothing too exciting why a what do you get out of going back to normandy going to england this you're going to do soon and and putting on that uniform for more of work to with oh you're decorations on what he get out of but i think the attention the people i think it's probably and then just kind of just look to sky over another in the shoreline us senior the i remember that but i think it too attention of people do they are so nice i mean it's unbelievable do you feel like you're representing your fellow veterans when it yeah i'm sure do and i guess that's the only other question i have is what should we know those of us who weren't alive during world war two we didn't live through that what should we know about the man that you served with well in there were patriotic everybody that i know dish rush to sign up cushion with love went to canada but i didn't know any of them everybody i knew right but my brothers when in before pearl harbor and so we know shot which cup to say your most proud of most thankful for i think my military service no no doubt about that never never trailed anybody and i kept busy ever sent a lot of the ninety plus year old's that i interview still drive you do little more than drive you travel with only grew up trees just good growth from yesterday morning when you do between now and i give still would do about four five other owned people wonder vietnam and this couple eighty sup hillbilly get would so you chop down your trees and provide firewood for your neighbor's i don't show up on life trees but the dead ruins it's a good thing to get of com because the beatles or go from one to the other that's why you see somebody clumps of these dead trees.