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Listen: The Cardinals are not going to back down

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Norm Hall
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Panthers team his instant pool their foot off the gas raid so few take If you get out a little bit of a league you pull you're foot off the gas and in some of these teams common FDA doesn't back down the widow the Carolyn be the Cardinals are not going to back down Do they withstand the begins a better team right cause they they've this happen many times this year they went out the leads in the discomfort similar law roles and they in the give will give away a lot of that we'd but still I think how no I mean i think the feel has something to do with it though Chris del played a little bit but it does you dish used the play don't crappy feels the killing appear bizarre cause been that way ever since the turn of the the weather Down a Carolina and so they have a better run gave them a better quarterback who who could contribute to that run game if a really good defense and I I give be Advanced Carolina but I can't say the definitively like I noticed butterfly think definitively for the the the Patriots they they're gonna where I can give definitively who I think has it been at the way I view it a couple the guys down the hole that they had there were the where the commercial break those outside chat with then they know I you know follow point spread the wheels Cotta confirmed Friday would youlike which way elite it was you know what isn't an 3 8 3 both ways at about three and a half a dozen cut a plus would have a point I look at this widow you wanna make some money wrote the bats and the year if you really wanna make money that's the play that getI could be wrong but that's the way if you would know what it a little juice make the second game a little more exciting Maybe get a little action there but I don't think that you bet that game with any compensate you're going to make money that so much of a coin toss I just mean myriad things could have I feel like I can eliminate through the process a below the nation A lot of it is now be you know he and be onto the road for Peyton in an I think a little bit over rated Brooklyn's grief earns that you know powers made a save like you that's a good problem when the spike up the scores you know I say that you know the way the game not at all hits over the corners one thirty the thirteen and say okay hits over the Panthers won 30 the thirteen that say no okay they go 31 minutes best yeah were here T can they Friday CBS Sports Radio.