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Tom Dreesen On Frank Sinatra: 'If You Were His Friend, He Couldn't Do Enough For You'

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Thought they'd rank yeah you know that you do like the movie the red pegado you're in the movie the red back yeah i was get the consultant yeah did tom say did to anyone in the such family so yeah that was good and all that was a tommy that ready like it or they will be hbo one the hbo i radio dial at the movie opens with me on stage right to my standard comedy and then i walk off stage in and of course frank and what every time we work vegas topple reno atlantic city whenever i finish my show achievement one voice they do much as i can the ban was playing the office i walked off frank walk down so we criss cross rife you know so we re enacted that you know and you know radio to not with me for like a month of wanting to know about frank you know before you go to do because i would ask you as you chris kreider walking off but breaks of walking up the reason walking off time to not want what happens back to the high flyer know if he'd get that finished eighty three it carried usually the jam attempt comeback it together bow timing i did i get that recording isis and yeah one i've got to give it to me it's very very cool by the way very cordial of him very he seems a long to notch i would think is if you were good to him knifed him loyal to him it there's no end to what he would do for you you know.