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Kristin Chenoweth On Working With Bryan Fuller Again: 'Oh I Love That Man'  

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Mike Coppola
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It in that's a great honor chris interim in with this year with this the art of elegance is the new album and you've also of course than spending plenty of time in the acting worlds recently as well in that barty back in did contact with brian fuller tell us about making american gods for the stars network on a long one we battled year again would be one game out i thank fact now but i let them back racket in the perfect way to lying down at my domi around the out because they like the guy and then a few months after that eight in year crying about the got a fair which i wonder that apartment and i am glad you're kidding yeah i'm going to its show for stars win i kind of putting bat in the back here had them i guess i get it there now the at the bit eric yet it playbook becoming out of experience bad i get to work with him and maintain actors and but he went out and make jerry and anderson two publish right where i am right brown england there are none in their own end maintained our end one of the paint at that and anybody ap a trip to pick together a right actors for the right he it impression baby alec likely that they can be involved any getting hand at all and now here and bad you know i was so happy to be back with and when they wish i didn't toronto which of the court two i was just happy to it on one attempts so it fell good at it how can you not love of the all kinds of entertainment already out or on the way out from chris internal with including a brand new albums to make sure that you get your copy of the art of elegance but also keep your eyes open because early next year taking a concert tour across the country and kristen thank you so much for spending some time with this the album's outstanding and what a great put in talking to thank you so much for joining us he for having me them and power is hurt lefty play thank you from that great pleasure there's more to come here john grayson with you as overnight america continues.