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Listen: "They got the Red Sox finishing second"

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Leon Halip
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Koji got hurt in Carson Smith got hurt I don't get that mean when we met a predictions was before all the above and USA Tay today and I love this is their preview addition I think it is their predictions they get the red such finishing second Blue Jays read such Yankees Rays Orioles that's a very popular or the division is a bleep that's probably that's the order finish to a but the SI has them winning ninety and has the Rays when I mean the Jays winning nine You know what we got along the way by Price in by Kimbrel they get blown away by these big sidekicks they get lost and then the star of this the star factor when you have Ortiz prone to say did you go through with a fine truth because he's collectors I don't often Herald watch preview with David Ortiz on the front page of Berra that idea yet buzzer from yes they rank them power ranking fourteenth team in Major League Baseball number fourteen almost in the middle yeah I'm uprights and I know I like my eighty-one eighty one say The Warriors Golden State will win more games said no say I'm gonna say the road starts will win what he seventy-three seventy-four eleven winning eighty-six eighty-five eighty-six eighty-six seventy-six new think they have one good Starting pitcher they have one good start one or two one he was solid at me to get top mean eighty-six eighty-six would be the young stars swarm starts the young guys take it to another level that's bad and what it pretty good the latter is a glimpse pretty obvious a grip to thirteen hitter zinter Bo guards at a better wore than any Shortstop in the big leagues master of forgot his OPS was right there with toward Tool with skip that's power that's that's slugger here he's going to be good and I don't know where his hitting really got hit cleanup if they can might but that he's going to produce and they get the nod in.