Listen: "We will start with the NBA Playoffs right now in Oakland"

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Maddie Meyer
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Could beat up Hammond probably is a lock to Colon has been a seven two fifty to his six two two hundred I do your Travis will be the credit for golf you're going out him in war options to kind of send a message quiet I think Wellwood beat the crap out of the end that he can I don't think it works when you're that little compared to hand and you're like trying to send a message or more interesting laughing enemy one even be win even let this year I think a would've been more interesting air of Matt Martin had done yads about my agent Needham ma yeah Rising boy would definitely not Martin has to be that guys on the latest boards of day here's a guy that is very upset that his team lost any blames for all summer now he's drag me into this Peters should wallets which player we will start with the NBA Playoffs right now in all going through forty-five to go up in the third quarter and it's the Blazers looking to even the series on top of The Warriors seventy-six the sixty-nine Damian Lillard has seventeen points in Miami Karl hours have court shots on the game with a regulation buzzer for the heat's eighteen one in overtime beat the Rafters one oh two ninety-six he head coach Erik Spoelstra said his team short of a little softened half about Lowry shot overtime was probably the most mount officer victory shown want to build the to come back from that that that the natural human condition obviously for our aged to hit that bomb you have to collect yourself Dwayne Wade twenty-four points for the Heat also six rebounds and four says is the steal Game one in Toronto now the other NBA news the league announcing there were five miss calls on the final possession of Game two between the Spurs and Thunder on Monday night only Cup playoffs he just ended the Blues took a two one series Wade beat the star six to want.