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Listen: "I think against Syracuse, the Tar Heels could get away with 0 for 10"

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Streeter Lecka
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Bingo morning Amy first although the apologize for about a month ago the dude did thought of all but appeared dogging it this is a guy that and I know Duke one oh I don't want to be a he'll you know I got to the unknown go from number one creepy and still be number one now I'm headed to Chapel Hill here a few hours to watch the game as that's all seven of the awesome yeah that got that from New York Delly on them to play another road trip Chapel Hill off them I'm speaking about again and I points going paint you know listen end ESPN left mind relied on that did you know it thirty points of pain Carolina greatly unbeatable and I think many tonight or gonna be ever do the right in the game here's going beyond you know they're gonna try to shut down bright job Bumblebee have too many weapons when you think about that mean well I think it did Syracuse to Tar Heel to get away with going all for ten from downtown while I was at Marcus Paige hit a three and averaged eleven debate took so they really didn't shoot well from downtown but feared use doesn't have an inside presence but Noah nobody Wildcat to do you haven't inside presence so it won't be able to be had on balance is what the Tar Heel did it will be nearly as easy Syracuse doesn't have as much of an inside game I think that they're the rebounding in terms of the the rankings three Downing Syracuse was like two hundred and thirty first in the country as opposed to what North Carolina is which is Top three and it actually it was so easy for them inside the paint it will not be that way against Dylan O back they got their own big guys so I I think that that day you're in need to have the Tar Heel shoot better from the outside have more balance but I do expected to be out but it powerful I hope they hit over the chart they can get into some of the running takin use some of the turnovers to convert at the other end is that could be a strength the Bears something they Brett Justin Jackson those are your us tonight Mayhew you know homecoming Justin Jackson D from crumble right around the corner you know we got Nate Brett you've been on it if it down the shot of the interview MVP that this year well there's got to be defense to slow down allowed has team that is shooting the lights out I hope you enjoyed have fun I go you know what that is all radio divide news on Twitter got a couple of fun moments to share with you.