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Listen: "Barack Obama being elected"

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Mark Wilson
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I know how to do Resort I'm exhaustive research I could not modern to rock Obama being elected had a warm and helping offices president of vice president who did not have a true fans who were citizens hoping that if you're going to go to the matter it doesn't matter who it is irrelevant it's completely relevant in the issue with the Cruz is not that one of his parents are was not an American citizen it was that it was born the kind of it if both parents have been American citizens would be the exact same question is the issue of what the constitution demands with the War where the you or your parent is a citizen is enough for where the you have to be born on us all what I said what I said let the chips fall where they may was I don't want anybody voting yes or no one Ted Cruz based on this question that's all that's what I said that's what let the chips fall where they may means I don't want somebody not voting for him who otherwise would vote for him because of this issue that's let's that's all I meant and I think it was clear all right arm to him let's go to Bernard in Seattle Washington hello Bernard Dennis Prater hate best wishes from the glorious landed legalized marijuana are you Hardy i'm not right now which I was.