Listen: "They now become the fastest team in NBA history to reach sixty wins in a season"

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J Pat Carter
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Peter short-term we began with the team on a mission captain has two weeks that board he applies will take enough to fly way to Mo Middletown says off the screen play Flyers away fifty-one replay if it out from very few Roy Warriors radio Warriors over the Pelicans Warren twenty-five one I was and as Golden State is there march towards the fall single-season way to record they improved his sixty in search for me now become the Panthers team in NBA history to reach sixty wins Davis easy for anyone own homered in a record forty ninth straight home win Steph Curry with twenty-seven point the Cavaliers have a rough night if the Wildcats ensue a guy for the rights those do longtime Jazz radio for the Jazz over the Cavs ninety-four eighty-four elsewhere Thunder over the Blazers worn twenty-eight ninety-four thirty first or a triple doble for Russell Westbrook he's twelfth of the season the Mavericks over the Hornets one oh seven ninety-six to balls beat the Rafters were known on one oh seven he won twenty-four Nuggets won nineteen of Wizards over the posted one twenty-four eighty-one the Rockets pique the Grizzlies born thirty eighty one of them assigns over the two was one of seven won all four college basketball you current number one overall for the incidentally women's tournaments Carolina Notre Dame and Baylor the older number one seed in the NFL speaking around table discussion are concussion hip Miller NFL.