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USS Oklahoma Vet: What It Felt Like As We Were Being Hit With Torpedoes

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 those are hitting what that feel like what that sound like in did you have any idea where you were what was going on our newer were. No we're gotten into war we're just trying to teach you know hit by thing if lines there were this year through your or newer huge  because we had a guy they were the havens, was heavier Asner yeah all kinds of what we're now mayor them they'll know last of noon, on them I never made resellers our went ahead with your in telephone who is that, i just that well one of the well you know and and this and well we'll run that that that that didn't break your late northern right that I had thirteen bones a from. Brokers so this is all happening on December seventh nineteen forty one as a nation is about to realize that it's at war and you are realizing it before pretty much anyone else I mean the the very first or PEO'S we're hitting your ship with saying to ship and your traps inside you ship as it's turning over when did you realize that you or trap and and what was going on and said that what kinds of things are being said that that scene forces you to know I didn't know we couldn't, open the door to this two They're oft but they're all lost from the other side.