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Listen: "Hollywood doesn't make more films like this!"

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Mike Windle
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I'm OK he died is heart was too large he I don't I really don't need to Brooklyn a well it lead we we really and I don't want to underscore I mean I'm sorry I don't want to under emphasize up so good I thought risen was especially in that John Rome I couldn't believe isn't and I know I centers repeating myself No I want to make sure people go out and see it this weekend because it was you know what is when somebody up does something like this we need to reward them OK Kevin Reynolds the director and the people who produced this film did something that's very difficult they didn't need to do that they could have done something safer and they pulled it off and it needs to be rewarded and so I just want to put it in that way to say the least it's the right thing to do to get to see it because it's if you don't then Hollywood doesn't make more films like this night and so I can not think of another film on the subject of Jesus or anything along those lines that's been done this well since the passion and passion with was the passion was never film you to take the kids too you know who was rough excellent but rough so this is some it's an opportunity in a way to send you know a message to devote this is what I know I think is what I when I'm kind of saying all the time is that in a in America today in this culture we don't get a chance to vote we kind of get this you know it's like you go to the launch room and there's serving X and you got to take it or maybe there is why we see but that's it they're not they're not offering anything else and so you kind of stuck and wore especially when somebody produces something that is use it's what you say you're looking for now is the time to to let them know which many when this is what we this is what we're looking for and just took to have a film you know I have no real idea of where Joseph fines is on the fake spectrum but the fact that he's done this movie about Luther this film of the Jesus in eastern somebody Eric little even he is to be commended for choosing those roles because there are people in all listen and wanted to you know something this and if you know it is really a it's just an opportunity that's the way the way I want to put it to use my audience it this is an opportunity for you to do so vote in so to speak for something and you'll be he'll get more of it if you vote for it in there and you know they're look at those numbers after this weekend it's a big thing Helm what it Rays how much had in London much and had we do you know the number one from last weekend is a movie club did pull which is a radar super hero movies comic but living and yes it's the making a big deal about how it made some much money and now maybe we should make all these soutien movies now Leno are actually was the tonight the ERA may accord for those zones is crap so I don't know if you realize you know in here I believe in Greek it's refer to as Lou P. yeah yeah that's really keeping us exactly the way Greek.