Joe Piscopo On Climate Change

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At this, at the time, to jersey, works city, the Hawks News Radio, I'm Dave Anthony shot in a lot of duty for police officers yesterday in four separate incidents first San Antonio where the officer was murdered is obviously times in the community slightly, I mean, pure you go low, a hard County District Attorney defective Benjamin martone was shot as you wrote a ticket in his patrol current car pulled of all I know I'm in the driver walked up and shot and they had that gunman is still on the loose in St. Louis the officer was ambush while sitting in traffic the shooter pulling up alongside of his mark from least freezer, and firing two shots at the Sergeant SF race law enforcement tracking that's was by downing killing him in in a shootout overnight the officer while being ambush not going down without a fight he's in critical condition but is expected to survive Fox's Kelly right two of the police officers were also shot a traffic stops last night both expected to survive one was and, live still misery does is back a gunman was also shot there and taken into custody the other was in Santa Bell Florida back up at New shoulder the suspected shooter taken into custody later the president alike is back in Trump's our New York City after weekend of meetings in New Jersey telling reporters from a distance, the me with more potential can the members that include another former rival Mr Trump's expected me it was someone who wants called him eight cancer on conservatism former Texas Governor Rick Perry was rumored to be in the running for energy secretary. And then over the weekend the present a lot that was someone who once called him a fried MIT Ronning is being considered for Secretary of State boxes Kristin Fisher another big-named emerges weekend is retired Marine Corps general James madness is a candidate for Defense Secretary time called in the real deal and that trimmed general general after meeting with them, and in in India authorities still looking for more bodies up there deadly train wreck over the weekend a hundred and forty-five people were killed box News Radio fair and balanced, hiring people is probably the worst part of my job we started using his zip recruiter about three months ago one click and my job was close to two hundred plus John boards on the top fights all the candidates kinda my Dashboard, it's easy to compare that and I can only the number of great applicants We got I don't know how we hired before zip occur, find a pass candidates with temperature, where your job is just one click away from one hundred plus job science and right now you can try zip recruiter free just go to zip recruiter dot com slash expand that zip recruiter dot com slash expand I'm Jay Farner president of Quicken Loans recently mortgage rate of drop to the second lowest level in history the rate today in a thirty year fixed rate mortgage is all the way, down to three and a half percent A.P. are three point five seven percent. 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Stuck in traffic, we've got the, which I think is building along the Southern State Parkway westbound stop and go traffic seventy four three with none of the Vonn Todd and you're building heading right now for ego having you, some stuff into traffic westbound Bill Parkway to Springfield Boulevard, and it's going to happen going the alike he westbound at the line of roadwork volume right here but even Boulevard, now to side of it a lotta skill get it, prospect eastbound beat the lead going down at the battery tunnel, westbound beat the rebuilding of the guys who is the break, over the and down side of the in the ninth game break, them it's going to be here for us N.F.L. of us up on our them ever drive building down for the one forty, but it's them believe it, great into the Bronx in down to give the of the moving, really, Wiggins okay no problems that Mahal in captaincy Freese being down the, because of the win, with a baby, high of forty saves the Brees, he now nowhere not to go Debbie, am nine seventy the answer, good morning, from two your mind, three thing, here's what you need to know to start your day, with your host, former Saturday Night Live superstore job, produced by Frank Gore run out, with news guy I'll go too low, and traffic with thirty-two Hayne, this is to scoop up in the morning, and am nine seven. The answer, , news, , , , , , , , I'm not sure did days, , , two, , , , their goals for, good morning, you just keep over the radio good morning great to be with us on the him night said to the answers six oh six right now in New York City it's like call for us, you know we live were local right off of a Wall Street lower Manhattan and it's a thirty six degrees in the bomb Doc's who well be live when it gets even cold away up it on coming home for my gig on none of the Saturday night snow when I mean here we go here we go this is whether I guess as it should be the starter year but it was so he said it was so more both, so enjoying to be climate change and the global warming, and Alderson may have made evil that is put upon us I like that, one of my good that was more me was nice you know what the little the Bekins even there, it made it warm and now apparently the cleaning up Pierre in here comes the weather had that should be at this time you thirty six degree so can be little cold so, you wanna bundle up if you go out so I think just be careful than maybe some ice out there, how are you happy Monday you know and it is a happy Monday. I'm not going to let the naysayers or the negativity was a poor little baby when you're losers get, you know in our face and ruin the day everything I am and Boldin by best, seeing and again be in a jersey got, it all starts for Bibi your jersey guided that, so bed missed in New Jersey, is a place I first made a for a out to the, West jersey from Essex county in in Bergen County that is those are counties closer to New York in the jersey side right and it's so easy to get it in New York and the property taxes are insane in a six and burden on my gracious, but I said many got website first one out I am arrows honest and now, in a ball leg land in bed mean Stew New Jersey up there it's like course country right by with you us a question team trains beautiful Buehrle and then Tonga Loria member John DeLorean had that whole est up it that's where Donald Trump's Golf Club it and it's good that Goff club is great I've been there's so many times, I've been withdrawn on the lawn you there I mean not me personally but you know what, end of and we're gonna limo on your with it and Donald landed in the helicopter and it was you know a nice nonprofit offense to help others and it's a beautiful beautiful that and I'm watching of the whole world with fly cunt bed needs to New Jersey. And every jersey pose appreciate that this I was excited about that all of the world leaders coming into bit Richie did jersey bed, who two oh six you know go right down there, you know by the, this is the black River right around that area so just beautiful is good to see and I thought it was presidential and I thought it was measure and that's why concentrating on, how here we go we we believe in the you know what Donald Trump can possibly do any was living up to it in bringing all these people when, and executing this transition so quickly with with such strain and with so many formidable people I'm excited about it it's a positive note and I enjoy numb watch you it was great to say, and make on the shows up are you kidding me, I have, all right on the chose up, I mean I could you do that if the what he said to be said somebody that you the way he said what he said about how we just because tape, alright let's bury this and and he also right right so this is good bring him in the focal, I thought it was great it gets stuck it right in the face of all the critics, it really did it stuck right in the face, of about everything all know he's going to do this is going do that it's going to be upsetting has such what happened all the. All the time off to a so you know one of the craziness some big Trump transition and they're going after that now could go down went from Newtown him out the bag missed in New Jersey and it was like a, it was and est and we just like ahead of State, I that looked great and by the way all of that they see in the background where you see that the columns and you see the beautiful area out there, that's all owned by Mr Trump, yeah again if Hillary one of you know a little be some kind of government property that they would be that you know that right, and every time we see all that pump and circumstance we pay for every, any of that pop uncertain is that, and it's nice to see the very pair on his own turf certainly in New Jersey, me being a but you don't bias to bet very Lovie to state so but that everybody can met so we'll see what happens and now you know it would we got to be Donnell's making the picks we don't know what's going at home, did you Leon eight Chris Christie you came, in later which I just thought was very very interesting, and he became an they came in, but at the end of the day, and Chris Christie was a come est now he apparently has Chris Christie as a meeting with his attended Governor today at eleven o'clock. So we'll see is gonna Christie got a goal man, to be honest rationed what's going on the air and then we'll break that down we're not sure, and it's really Julianna going to be secretary of the state because that that that's could be very interesting I hope we stay stateside you know a home win but that that will be interesting to see what happens, with that and then Jeff sessions will be the attorney general, Michael Flynn just love Michael for Minnesota the in a national security list ration Vienna say this is great agency This is great and got Michael Floyd is a great American east they have plant and that talking the Mad Dog madness, he did the Marine general this I'd love this that Mad Dog Madison's in all wow you know this is a severe guy unique guys like that so I'm of Boldin by that okay, that, I wanted to open up and played eighty should be happy even Boldin and this is good and it's all going to be great, up come so positive about the whole thing it's exciting, someone would direction someone taking charge, then you watch, the he did you go to Broadway, and there, what is going on they can, I've never seen anything like it but, he cut to the so first of all Hamilton that the play hound, I've not seen Hamilton is that, I'm sure listen I have such commence respect, for Broadway performance the Hornets were can people in entertain the most talented people in a tame. On the Great White way clearly without question and you could be in arguably pay the a chills a week, you got to step up your as good as your last matinee, you got a stretch your voice at two o'clock in the afternoon you gotta nailed every move it's the hope they are brilliant and have immense respect for growing performers and Mike Pence I like I like Mike that the governor but he goes there was daughters the to play, and then, if Russell from the stage, and if and he of the great of those it now look at what it is what it is it's what they do Donald Trump tweak Saudi it meant, and the Steve in Vance than the break a Torres for Bruce Springsteen so you shouldn't do that every show, so everything that everybody got into that that turned into a whole event and I think because Donald, a Trump, we get something of route was right he said of rude that was, so we want to hear what you're thinking about it how you feel about it, you know I I think it's this this would be my opinion is that, because of Governor Pence's stamps, almost such while the, I think that maybe that's where that was the core of that now I haven't heard any of that and then found that that that's exactly what it is and it's understandable of immense respect, and affinity for the gate community and on Broadway though I told you that we said to actors equity a against needs and we will go out and I would do the benefits and I saw that dedication of the gate community to help the wrong community always appreciated that in the. Hopelessly had a reliable, I got I Kate can identify with anything other than that, but Evan let's respect for the gate community and I think that's exactly what that was about at Hamilton and you let me know for long because of Governor Pence's stance on home sexuality but at what's happening now within this, future administrator can I think including the with Benson suffered certainly was to Trout, there being no one he's the word moderate because that's going out and playing the base, but they this is this is going to be a very him, I think very logical a very, a shoot it, stretcher and that's the way you got to do it the how many times of Italian the radio show Here you got to go under the radar going to the radar accomplished emissions but keep a quiet just eight quite I'm going to have a with that smile always look that he was a tough guy man he knew he was don't with that smile looks so but nine, right, around waking up you know when you know that really that nice to see you know, everything's OK but you go under the radar you accomplish admission sat why, so to go and so I think that, were so form one could shape the but to watch that many cut to the American de American music association I mean, but he watches all shows in with any amazing us at their own watch that so I don't I don't want to make too old. But they go want Jay Farrow does a little thing and they it the host of the eighty amazing make fun of Milan here some make fun of Donald Trump, you know I get to play guilty a did the same thank when I was that age and I was on a Saturday Night Live nice to do it that about Ronald Reagan, about the great dipper I would do it, so I I say look it's just comedy, and and it is what it is and in is going to let that go at the things of calling tabbing Jaime all over that that that, so but then but it if you do it seeing it like Green de sus talking about Donald Trump being a kid to the Kate take a, that's the that laudable of that that could be live Oscar that but that was amateur, and that was wrong because he paid for it wasn't funny, it was a comedy it wasn't sat Tucker it was a song, and I thought that that that was the Knicks got but that was inexcusable but my goodness gracious if we if you have a good the other way around they don't attack Obama than ever tackle bomb look what we are eight years and they were gets me they don't wait nobody reached out as Democrats they have the power for years nothing of that you tell me one thing that was not for the working face people you tell me one thing that was not on the list they get. You tell me what was done with them totally, to quote David shipped out they historically disenfranchised with it being the city's Eli States one thing that was done anyone thank you give me one picked one effort that was mate, whenever I so I've heard more in the Trump campaign about helping the the historically and the regular disenfranchised that you and I been anything in the last eight years, and one of done and all they do is whining complaining them on, Don't with the Conley Bobby on us and now, or if it's come from a comedian that's court sack tired that will be with any president, but but, although and this of the summer to talk about Kanye West, Kanye West teeth in Again if he just seeing, whatever he sees you know some pretty just singer about Vera leave it at that he believes just concert he read what that was so we're he can be the concept of the such any made no sense at all eight made no sense oh and I carries a nice guy not Chicago people Tommy isn't a that I try to watch all the stuff and scour all this news, and I don't know what these people are, I mean that wasn't you when you d Farrow or Saturday night that's comedy sat tell you got a look back okay that's going to happen but when the couldn't song, in the, they you know they get to . analogy between a Donald Trump of the Kate KK a Kanye West rails and then, Mantle's concerts, what is it is still don't little Kanye West is upset about so all of that extent you see Hamilton from the stage people come in, I don't know that is right that you see your political Motors I understand the bases alone isn't understand, the fear of the community but don't not pair and my right or not they are not on the stage got bare but cut all that aside but all that vs. aside all that peripheral, childish nonsense but you see and go great to bed midst in New Jersey and see exactly what was happening people walking up, going up down all come in and it was choreographed beautifully looking now, might Pence came out, the dignitaries locked in by the way at all ethnic origins walked it, yeah and not those just thought it was well done well done told the Trump administration is to come from South I thought it was beautiful gave me whole, that's what we focus on the top tweet what he wants every now and then see the shenanigans of the entertainment community focus so we're we're gon were in good shape, so pissed Dipoto on the radio feeling good about everything I'm telling him I hope you do to eight seven seven nine seven though twenty-nine ninety nine, a six eighteen and Frank east year analysis here I'm are all year and the freight yeah you doing this morning. Right you're out finally but I love everything around having alright everything's great a little, this morning but almost well, reason right and and, what they do okay to but, you know everything's good everything good morning, that's all that's good no complaints of the too low I love that, the morning is young give a time, please, we still got ta, hey out so Frankie I, all the old is going on a minute Tim and I think we're getting a little too carried away because it is indeed that it's entertainment but how it press where you buy what the way down on his running this transition I thought that was very a president you know I am very impressed it what I thought I was watching in terms of a transition and then I picked up the front page the New York Times today and only to realize, that we are watching two very different transitions on fall headline Joe forming cabinet as stated process turns spectacle, a parade of aspirant us president alike OPS for public handshakes before cameras, well excuse me up I handshake that makes it a spectacle they're making you know Joe like you know it's The Apprentice I mean, I have, never our, in such, a disconnect between the mainstream news media and what's actually going on in the world of politics and I know everyone always says that but now it's actually true but yeah this is exciting I'm really hoping that met Romney doesn't get a pointed to anything but especially not Secretary of State put a little with his without fan. I I don't know I you know onto my hope is my hope is that, this is just and attempt by trying to you make it look like he's willing to reach out to the so-called establishment way the party of people that might like met Romney and that kind of brand of Republican as I'm, he is you know Trump say how look you know I considered Ron effect very State you know I'm not all that bad, but I would be really disappointed if you pick somebody like going to be other way Like like he gets in the room women goes into good win, yeah, and now, that's right, I'd be like that but I'm going to be like the what's gonna did you call me the I'm sorry you know what I don't have any job are you you know what guys willing to go to the deadly at six twenty ending a nice him to the answer with a Frank you know deadly good morning good morning and that great to get how was your weekend sweetheart all good of the one hundred I went to the Giants game, I don't know to Johnny gave it yet let's call that it, I can around, haven't really calm you are something else and also want to talk about on the you know the depth to the police officer, , tony in St. Louis another one shot and we have a wore on top seventy one we dress that won't be back. I don't wanna I wanna, always try to start the morning in a positive way did as you do all of so well you do it but my goodness gracious he we have a warm place in it and then these the everybody in a tame it's when lining in, you know trying to be funny in, about the Donald Trump will mean really don't get to the heart of the matter you know, now and by the way I was at them, hell of the, last week and them, I got to talk to officers who led Brantley Beach Police Department, yeah shot zero lead and then fended any thought and they vote give you a shout out may want you to run for Governor is Bradley Beach Police behind Joe Piscopo awful Blank, this line to give you that message, he fleeced I want to give them a shout out there and live the amount of every rethink like that, but the, you did my be just the are the should have, now it's like we're talking about you know until like oh yeah Djokovic above or governing argue now if McCown tonight on give me given the inherits, get it good morning how we doing this Maurice if we do it's called is there I sat there to get yeah we are getting reports of some A.P. conditioned north of it happened feet bridge Jalin app if apathy great speed set refused to forty five miles per hour as well because it's also kind of windy. Over on to eighty seven eastbound that route to the take on it with an accident right on the Rams, I watch for some slowdown siers he had to be in bounds he could be a be traffic building at the end down to like watching him bridge fifteen minutes in length in twenty Hall with about twenty, these reduce that the guy awful Spurgeon the outer bridge crossing the thirty-five because of rain and you watch out for some stop and go traffic still on the east bound one effect building hitting up an out for the prospect at B. 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Good morning good morning job this football in this one basics, he said, the panic don't netted, that means, I just that great brilliant talent and a great catches the warm wonderful you don't be very liberal, very liberal, and you know an you, I see I Bruce Springsteen very very liberal and Steve Van Zant very liberal but even he guy the Steve dancing at from the Springsteen man, I get that I ruin we've known for years got upset with the cast of Hamilton, sending a message of at the end of early to make plays uh be too, I I understand it I want to talk to Frankie about it for second, but the from a player I dropped what you have to drop to go see Hamilton, I don't care what you're political views are and I don't wanna hear about it I'd live he just watch the play see the brilliance of the performers on stage, Don't lecture before the stage because I paid to wear truth about will be every time, I was on Broadway and I get it was grease it was like silly it was fun and everything but all I can thinking about, was the people coming in, I was a family for trying to find parking going through the traffic in your planning this all year long and it maybe sweat and works so hard on that stage man you know a silly is a show on the the show was grease was you know vice to make about that Alex minutes of it was. And I always tried to treat the audience with the utmost respect but when when he and and not give them a political speeches from the stage but I understand Frankie me state you stay with me on this, second Frankly, I think it was and you tell me this because I like Governor pants and and then you and how so you know he was very strict severe in his outlook on almost sexuality and they get now and I get at this is this is where that I think came from And the cast of Hamilton is where they're Pence was in if he was it was he involvement and help me out here, this then only like to bring up things in the past but, did Governor Pence wants to be of Hue to this I get game conversion theories that true, yes he apparently did not want a band that that So you know so yeah I mean he has had a lot of stances over the years which have made him not to popular with the algae BT community you know remember last year he signed that religious freedom was which the algae BT community was not at all happy in happy with, and, you know that that I can understand of if you're you should do we one of your local, this you know you should do you up at that aside right, a so but AB, that being said a lot of gay folks run happy with that he also you're right. And when two thousand six said that gay couple signaled suicidal collapse which a lot of people who happened to be gay couples, they were upset with, he also pose a lot that would prohibit discrimination against gay people in the work placed so he opposed to repeal of don't ass downtow he rejected be you know Obama administration directive on transgender bathroom so I mean, the all of them are someone reasonable kind of safer agree with some of those, a lot of people do but the point is our and I haven't thought of that until you just mentioned it but yeah there are a lot of issues that the gay community has political views on that are on that, not where Mike Pence's, and it's not weird I don't Trump is quite frankly so what you're saying could make sensed actually Joe, yeah I think that was a core I sort immediately because I know how important again community is on bro way you know how, frankly stellar how stellar the gate community isn't pro they do a great job is a if they get you in the eye keep Tony it could be Bill Hollywood West Hollywood was a wreck I'm old enough to remember West Hollywood with it, I grew fix it out the gate community as very part New Jersey baby as Barry but it's a gay community it really straight they're not all community down that so I have a Mets respect. But I think that's what happened although apparently the guy that made the speech not to mention is Nate, apparently he was he needed horrible tweet on did you see that tweet thirty percent out there Frankie you slide how which well Murray said that with all this was conversation when now known all it is like the guy says, the St. heading State Tillman brothers Griese a black I see Patty's day is like, it's like, easy pick injures like Chris all you have no no YES with all the way cheeks dude's happy Thanksgiving, house sexist ahora backs and he's basically advocating right which is not to discuss thing so yeah the guy that made the speech and, run and trying to let you might punt so it's I mean it works both ways because it not, I think it does Joe but you know what I have to I have to say I have to kudos to vice president Pence, vice president like Pence He could've gotten up at any point and walked out if you thought likely, you know we were saying Well he was leave it he was leaving when the speeches up, the reason why was leaving his cause the secret service want to get him out of there before the crowds gonna, boston he listens he was respectful he enjoyed the show on Sunday during the doing the Rams, on the top shows he said love the show was great I heard the message. He was everything that you that people I think would've expected him not to be and he was he was respectful get let's give him getting where credit is due when he was asked about the people booing him and cheering him and he was said to his kids that's what freedom sounds like, but he handled it really well, again Macauley Eagle calls eight seven seven on seven of twenty-nine nine United thing otherwise but I think it does , just from that working on Broadway and seeing the strain ten, the you know the again respect after the again, community they're the very involved I think, because of the history that we just talked about was Frank I think that's what the core that was but but but the wrong guy did make to speech, no but that guy but if that guy is like they go at love black dude's go after white grow the thing about a bigger that the Payton's oh, which I don't know, anybody other than a somebody on stayed in Hamilton said that it would be a blood bit that really would to may here is the problem with social media which is what a lot of people I think of wrong over the weekend in this is where people have to be very careful they made it seem as though, and it was an attack on Pence or Pence was you know all these people that oh that hitting it is. Everything was respectful now if you want to tell me that they were wrong in doing it because people spent all this money, you know what they did after the show they didn't disrupt the show at any point I think if they had done it like during the I don't like it was that respectful I think the respect of thing would've been to say you know we want to acknowledge you know the vice president lack too I was kind of stars for the show and, we want to wish him the best of luck with his administration that to me would've been respect it but it'll on the batter fell that on Saturday, I need to talk about the fears that you have of this new administrator shin, I thought it was really anything but respect what I thought it was there moment but also it was after the show it was and it didn't disrupt the show in any way you got your you got your money where I don't I don't want to be I don't election you know when I, I got but how the hell safe I can agree is it was it was nicely done that was about diversity but with them I mean fat and that also have to be very objective here because I really understand all viewpoint, put isn't Hamilton to show the put in and out the seven no non White Yeah yeah yeah exactly and of these people you know that this actor said you know the with a diverse America who are alarm that anxious that you knew administration will not protect our planet or don't. I mean that, Alexander Hamilton was the biggest elitist on the planet Alexander Hamilton and what what proposed having a Monarch in the United States know what these actors MIN have been better off under the Monarch even Alexander Hamilton wanted, Alexander Hamilton was very clear in that only people who had money and property should have any role in government now, you want, who do you think out hitter Hamilton what a voted for in the selection, Donald Trump, or Hillary Clinton it would not of a no record, yeah yeah and and Alexander Hamelin as a zone rest stop, coach you know, they had rest stop more more these restaurants you know and and even in New Jersey very they charge you for the air a dollar and you have to going fine quarters and get a dollar for the what, Rodney jersey all throughout New Jersey that that rest stop you Alexander Hamilton rest up still gives you for year which in nicely thank you see my picture the creepy clown that's in the rest, I posted that with a scary they creepy gonna but it was a critical it's like a little kids game you put it I would never take my lone can only degree be clown behind that this kid, but more Portland go to how it the news and we we we appreciate your Folk also see them coming at eight seven seven nine seven OAK Ton and I'm not at so much to get into what we take a break for the weekend Congressman Peter King will join us in the next hour. A proud that Peter with us Kevin McCullough who really that predicted this Trump victory in a big way specifically State to stay Kevin once honest you know Kevin Love joins us every, after noon five P.M. on the him nights him to be up to Jim Brewer my buddy from Saturday Night Live, always absolutely out of his mind hysterical Jim Brewer I call Joyce I need you back on the show me I don't want to catch up with the he's got a great following a former he's a standup nag goes out these musician, and he does a podcast the meddling knee in there will be talking haven't so from with Jim Brewer in the nine o'clock hour but I don't wanna lose sight of, and then we'll break it all down about the, the four police officer shot and one killed in separate incidents law enforcement officer morning the depth of a colleague after a dangerous Sunday for offices across the country and San Antonio, Detective Benjamin Mark Choney was ambushed and shot to death twelve rating he traffic ticket, I mean look I mean, Howard Howard's are out there, Florida's in St. Louis a a plea Sergeant was wounded with the two was ambushed a traffic stop and quite still Missouri, let to an officer they're being shut and another officer inside of they'll Florida also came under fire yesterday even here's a wore on won't force not and no one steps up and I don't you have got to come from the White has and my hope is an and I think my hope is just you have to January twentieth the next year this all changes. This all changes you have to stand up and support of law enforcement terms first line it offense, not only in the Petty crying said attack us as we Walker streets or in the domestic violence cause that these police officers up to put the line their lives in in in the wanted duty in that regard but in terror in a ten race, terror out there who legal to in in to win if we get the terror attack it's the local please just telling we show some respect is a warrant cops and it's got to stop this couple morning eight seven seven nine seven oh twenty-nine ninety nine, six thirty seven right now Big Apple to lead the headline News right here on, am night seventy the answer, but this to stay in, the answer thirty-six the Brees that flips thirty-seven amounted to along with local news first, here's what's going on Governor Chris the is met with Donald Trump is the president electing to news to assemble his White House team the two one on Sunday for about thirty minutes a Trump's golf course investments there was about twenty minutes from the Republican Christi's home when asked whether Christie can get in the midst ration job from told reporters that he's a very talented guy Christi's future became cloudy, after he was recently demoted from Trump's transition chairman to vice chairman federal regulators want railroad's across the country to to test train operators free sleep disorder the safety advisory. Being issued this week by the Federal red road and ministry some comes after the engineering September's deadly New Jersey acumen are trying crash was found have the the Tig inducing sleep acme of the advisory is akin to a strong recommendation and is a stop that measure while regulators draft rules to require more railroad's to screen and Jimmy years, and sports next meet the Hawks one oh four to ninety four Trailblazers easily defeated the Nets one twenty nine the one on nine well the Panthers beat the Rangers in a shootout three to two in the Giants got off to a slow start against the lowly Bears but the came out on fire in the second happen pulled out a twenty-two sixteen win their fifth in a row, Jason Pierre Paul led the defense with two and a half sacks own the fourth quarter and red-hot Landon Collins sealed things with a late interception pulls fourteen Steve serving, lead the posts team coverage they dig deep to bring you insightful analysis and more sports coverage and any other paper New York the New York Post, on newsstands now stuck in traffic W. Haynes got the answer, sell the Gardens they partly North like that what all five accident in the local lanes selling everybody down it's busy at ninety Orth nagging up toward the Parkway over and say you're avail Coples bridge in the outer bridge crossing speed found a thirty-five mph because of the when Dez seventeen this southbound at the Summit at getting Ganter of Hakon second accident reported in bounty. To be a be twenty Lincoln thirty Holland at least twenty but it's heavy from all approaches that the Holland cross Bronx east bound that Wrap at the Sheraton, watch out for an accident in over on the FD are drive north that it host in St. I guess able to car still blocking one lane over there it's still very busy on the southbound White Stone Expressway getting down past twentieth Avenue, with an accident at four forty northbound wrapped of the Stan Island Expressway an accident over there as well, checking in on the forecast for today windy today cloudy with a high of forty six degrees you now nowhere not sit out there hand A.M. nine seventy the answer, brought to you by Walgreens Walgreens wants to make healthier happen everywhere they offer a wide range of trusted products on brands like add Bill center him emergency rather toss in a neck seem twenty-four hour that help relieve symptoms and support your overall health no matter where you are it's your Wellness bone it high if Joe pissed couple you may know me as a comic with a knack for punch lines but today I haven't, serious message like me you probably know relative a friend or call worker who's like has been offended by cancer you yourself maybe facing catcher like I get but fighting cancer doesn't have to be done alone at Traina cause comprehensive Cancer Center in Elizabeth dedicated inexperienced on college just and skilled nurses Stan beside patience all the way from died No. To treatment the entire step works together to divide the most effective range of treatment therapy spurt each and every patient cancer care navigate has helped patience manager all the physical emotional and spiritual as specs of living with cancer and in that caring compassionate an uplifting setting Traina Tots comprehensive Cancer Center brings a comfort, and targeted approach to cancer care so take a moment to call the Traina tossed comprehensive Cancer Center at nine oh wait nine nine four eight thousand to get more information about cancer care delivered with the whole patient in mind nine only nine nine four eight thousand Sterling's New York is a program covering business sports and pop culture featuring in-depth interview, with interesting people host Rob jobs guest seven to it in World famous offers prominent doctors actors restaurant to was musicians and more Jonas in Sunday afternoon's at three on, in nine seventy, the answer, I folks it's about about out, of guest host thing for Joe pissed at FO on A.M. nine seventy the answer but you can catch my TV interviews with the reasons top news makers on one on one what Steve Ott about oh weeknights at seven on an Jay T.V. eleven thirty on five, or late night and they'll be any to tell thirteen had one A.M. turn in to one on one what's the about about oh every night for compelling conversations with fascinating people hates Joe pissed at FO I don't want to miss my friend Steve Ott about all every week night on one on one with Steve Ott about out. Joe pissed people on the radio with six forty-two what's your phone calls at eight seven seven nine seven oh twenty-nine ninety not the election is finally over but you can't afford to tune out now it's time to show the politicians who's balls, Albany spending your money and they don't think anyone is watching well reclaim New York is and the need your help, they're not on party soon organization fighting corruption and making New York more affordable, come any reclaim or today at reclaim New York dot org the election is over, but your job is just beginning, reclaim New York dot org, pressure coming up at one, , forty-two, the month of November twenty-fourth forty sixteen live from the Raiders city in the world, your, your Frankie five boroughs, around I was with us out the tools with that he's on the road you're ready for drive type players are locked and loaded this morning a lot going on, I see the news breakdown six forty three right now in New York City I see the news break down all weekend law and I feel like, I wish I could call you listen the you know and we should have like a, and like at little thing we could just kind of, when he until you feel I know you probably feel the same way you're watching something I don't wait so we go either radio with aborted their give you feel like I wanted to say I would take you lose this is or how great something isn't and So is a lot to talk about we want to tackle it all for you this morning and you can call the anytime eight seven seven months have no twenty-nine ninety nine the Warren cops. One of the touch on his that was it is very very of settling but that they're just killing police officers you know what it goes away and it goes away and even as I opened up the show this morning I always talk about what's happening with the Trump administration this is all the news but don't loose at you know we get into used to that that I'm guilty is that as well old other couples killed, you just let it go it's got to stop it's a warm police who, who would unable soon Bolden's these creeps in these losers, to take a cop, who's were in in a plea Scott it's time I tell you what it's time to have bulletproof vehicles bulletproof when those, former those soccer's up man you want to spend taxpayer money on that I'm all for that, right, the reason twenty-three sensing gallon wanna in just protect the please cause I would pay okay money for that because there's, lunacy out there and no one addresses it that's what's once said Only and you feel one eight Donald Trump gets in there, when you any surrounded by a booty Julie on me, you're going to hear you're going to hear people say there's a walk off some we're going to stop it, and you have to have consequences for these creeps there's no consequences with tonight take him out bomb take him out, under the radar someone I like guys an hour. Under the radar right between the ice that's that is the way you got to do it not to be severe ballot, everybody is going to be nice you gotta be real low pragmatic mine but away Frank is in week of I studies and I work of you're not all over the news media I think people listen to the you know the pissed about work I stand, everybody's, or my favorite where pragmatic on guy get residual zone that Frankie maybe the fourth ballot does not with our with you get residual a few that with what would go dating that have a guy because of our art right, , really a lot of what it reflects is a new approach to government and mean I think under the the pista pro achieving and of the Trump administration future press compiled mission you're going to see a pragmatic approach to government and it's exactly the same kind of common sense approach you take to the news So I think more it's a reflection where, government is moving in the direction that that you, already been a in you know for the next couple years So, when people commenting on what the Tribe administrator doing it whatever they have no choice but to use the word pragmatic, yeah, also after report just Frankie at least twenty sort of people are dead after suicide bomber boom self up, it's at a Shi ite Mosque in, couple and Afghan a stand today latest attack known the Shia Muslim community. Makeup about fifteen percent of Afghanistan spot elation, gunman up a fight that's just that that's never going to stop and I and the, yes you have I don't know how to stop this, and then like you many Frankie mom I've been talking about it in on the hunt to be severe in this regard, but is dictator ship a bad thing in the Middle East I'm just saying except for Israel of course, I mean so it it's like it's it's so the answer anyway to settle this, can you can you d be up, of the, afghanistan get it divvied up a racquet to be different community to still going to be fighting with each other Frankie yeah I don't know what the what the answer is Joe but I'll tell you what the answer was not it was not to do what we did in in Libya, and that's why or Iraq in my view and that's and Donald Trump has said that very confused, so you know he over the years, and that's why I don't think that someone like met Ronnie which who doesn't favor Trump's view foreign policy should really be a candidate for Secretary of State you know I think if Trump wants to stick with this American first a foreign policy which I think is great which is he reiterated in the sixty minutes interview he needs to pick a Secretary of State that's, cares that view. I could see, for you little bit that met rugby showed how I, I have no little respect to him it right on, I and I think he would be an awful choice I Secretary of State one one who I just thought it was great the way they had wins big around the showed up I mean like the people like the New York tied then I don't know what to do with themselves Frank it's a star ago they gag they get so I'm said wait wait didn't Ronnie get it wasn't there war in the Republic part, a Democrats are an absolute disarray they don't know what did their falling over themselves trying to make sense of what happened with the election whining complaining everybody's make it fun of Alderson Minister sure at look Donald Trump very quiet leader very mature tone invite Smith Robbie to bed and so I thought that was chill, John rubbers a class act that's why you know, if you've spent more than thirty seconds with down from person you know that this media created caricature that we saw throughout the campaign isn't the real Donald Trump you know, and if he also of tweeted out praise for trucks rumor over the other you want to see a Donald Trump, that's going to work with everybody's going to work with all these an tight from conservatives a you know what Lindsey Graham Ted Cruz Marco Rubio all these guys that bastion draft campa John McCain and he's going to work with Democrats like chuck Schumer you know why could Donald Trump is interested in getting stuff done imagine Mat what a different I take that'll be. In the president say, and not, Rudy secretary stay Rudy secretary something wrong he's going anywhere And I don't I can't see that happen I can see Rudy going secretary State but I like really close and I just instinctively like a Rudolph Julian to coast to Donald Trump mein in the home land in the White House an advisory role, but it's going to we'll find out probably that today or tomorrow frankly I would think we got here something today either on defense or on Secretary of State or on commerce or something, so I would think we hear something, and now, to come but, for the week at the top of the great but if we're going to put it I depth I think METAIRIE Ned that is I'm a lot of personally said Mad Dog out of the referred to Chris Russo, they have an, and we got a pack of Let's go, that is that the Barry got we get it was there group very good hands with Nick game Mad Dog go by Gwynn's the going back to my gave overhaul by got he's got currently and I think double jump to put his face on the bombs we drop on ice is I think that, it's about the abyss scrambling the whole world the scared has it should be an and, and I'm very well go driving it in the mid pick up a video and if I'm a a Brooklyn guy to be an always great to hear from you Dunham What's on your mind this morning say well. I'm a chance and there was a lecture from the State can you absolutely right I understand where it comes from with a fierce come from but there's a time in a place, did we doing as on the road six fifty one day be a warrior this morning Gar all good but I'm upset to that people are putting everybody until one bubble of being races, you know what if if Trump that's just you know, that, to say this you saw the high worse last night, and rain I doubt, you know we're in every right from performer, and I know I could see comedy wise and then, if arrows of what a talented kid he is a nice from you know he would don't forget he did Obama on this and now, right right right he's been so comedy was in the Stan even honest an out comedy like, well I get it yet that like yet but at the of words for him always say gonna getting their two cents and then like I thought that right, plays for a non out in, what makes gives than the credibility to do that what does not, now Playing, you know that's that's the seventh time, it's really in that Owen on one play this and we'll go Davies when they, when Greene David group that group with St. hoops that's talking about KK K in Donald Trump, and the, a lot of work to take a, and the an who was Hillary Clinton's mentor from day one. A guy who was indicate KK and Robert bird so you got a that it's you know what is it significance that it's a good but you know what every we want, I don't know if they want to go all, I want to watch, but we won, I just hope that Trump in you know, I didn't love the they could see that he's really wants with us for the country you know that's my tenth will get there, will get I think that the godfather will get there, we'll get the puck, six fifteen to the be the the road the board it The you debut hey you get Bernie get this type over on the northbound West hurts press waiver after the that none of Expressway it's an accident of an area filled busy alike events panic please Boulevard for the trash hefty are drive north of how Fins cheated golf are and we're getting a fourth of eight feet conditions on to eighty seven, westbound, and for the saw Miller giving up right thumb spurred and Terry found couple of accidents blocking one lane with an icing condition their stop bouncer way still solid at the top and say breaks happen see breaks be found a forty-five windy conditions please take a Salt Lake awful Fritsche and the outer bridge crossing, they've found a thirty-five mph and now Lincoln Tunnel it's it gets able J.V. bus, if you approaching Felix in our NFL blanket and bounty W be. Still waiting about twenty five to thirty Holland at thirty-five to forty from all approaches alternate side parking rolls or an effect you now nowhere not to get one get beat their pain may at night seventy the answer, as the holidays are here, hear the sure to get real cash grab turned on your shopping would I, download the free I've on AP I'd be yard TD eight get cash that has done gets groceries and essential for all year celebrations just, shop engaged Cam, gifts for that, cash for you know download I bought up three two guy and get ten dollars just returning at ten dollars I'd be OT eighty-eight, mentality you're I thought, , this is Michael Mad Men for well over a year you've heard me talking about relief factor of a natural solution for people struggling with chronic pain like back next shoulder hit me or general muscle aches and pains thousands of listeners of told us all about their amazing results in dramatically lowering or eliminating their pain so I'm sending my personal friends and Radio, oh listeners to relief factor dot com to ordered the three week quick start for only nineteen ninety five that's relief factor dot com, if you run a business whether your and plumbing age backup construction you know that commercial bands on one side spent saw some Browns are two small, we're going to have to make two trips others too big to top one, you need of them it's just right that's where the most eighties Ben's mattress comes in. It's the only available midsize commercial man with on match safety features, I'm twenty five hundred two found pay low, and enough car goes based all over sixty sheets for my dry wall, it's been going on for the job, get a small enough to that, on the rise, he has a serviceable of up to fifteen thousand miles and highest residual value in its class according to fail, we won't good you on one side, now we'll do one better, commercial landed size just right for you, the twenty sixteen midsize mattress, the safety, van, former wrong, , it's the A.M. nine seventy whether answer forecast, pirri windy and Cole today lots of cloud than Fleury for the morning hours clown prince of some of times in the afternoon wins will gusta forty-five mph time today are high temperature forty three, probably the mostly cloudy windy and cold tonight them thirty five, partly sunny tomorrow blustery and surely high forty six, when they sunshine Nixon with clouds high forty nine for Thanksgiving Day cloudy with occasional rain and a high near fifty, they had nine seventy the answer, job lumbar guy get Joey six fifty-six we killing this get Paul won the radio show on the radio so great to have you with this this morning happy Monday November twenty-first hey three day week for you yes yes it is, if Thanksgiving coming up believe if they I know you can do about going on a Michael's a Brooklyn. With that amazing solace and they got that great restaurant over there, no strain Avenue are create restaurant over there but we want to talk about the sausage, we're de had they make it right being a Brooklyn I love it and yes I would doubt stays people that the first thing they have to that Michael did you really go that there's if he the big kid kettles these eighty get I don't kettles with him yes I saw yes us Ave labeled the soles yes I tell you livid it's made in Brooklyn U.S.A. I love that in this off his spectacular now you go to Michael the Brooklyn dot com, and you can owner case of the source or you can go to local supermarket you're going to see Michael the Brooklyn Beane that's it wait says on the on the thing when you walk to the show Michael is a barrel codeine them like my grip buddy's Tuesday, Michael the Brooklyn right there on the show up to get take it all with Johnny about Michael's a broken the sauces great the rest of runs great at we love talking about Fred and Marian and Michael this great family all coming from the great barrel of Brooklyn New York, Michael to Brooklyn off that's a taste of Italy for over fifty years, , , , yeah, well on the radio I think your calls all, what did this play he Gary from that nine of them who will be okay let's go on that if that with them o'clock hour we'll go to guy. To mind now because that'll get they'll get out all riled up this was you know some Westbrook, on his it's a thought that you know nice, some of you really love the start my Monday, got a good foot, yeah recalled on Friday when you guys are out, those right we did, I was grave right, well Bill about what he's going to talk about the minute, yeah Gary we appreciate you go I see the phone calls of hang and the me go after the our going to go to the phone calls we appreciate very much eight seven seven seven are pretty bag argue that and I like to get out here to throw and what about it makes my morning really hell on you know I'm gonna targets we had other together other tweet separate here right now it's just really big even warrior to have you get the the the price Jesus Price, she for, you get a Cup you can become more but there are sided knowing our side that we're going to you and I went back and forth this week it it's what would you say when he's the the Develin to shoulder older, , I gotta plow guy that's no I'm about, with the about Beverley go back out with no another down they talk about we tweet back up with but we lead not at the, now the the people, idea, okay, monday to give the great Monday, he that in ball.