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Obtained by Fox News the Republican lead panel Quotes one on the ground witnesses answering zip Nada nothing when asked if he saw a demonstration, other portions of the report being made public This Morning include a high risk intelligence assessments about been Godsey and failures to the point military forces, committee Democrats dismissed the report is a conspiracy theory on steroids Dave during the European unions ready to move on despite the voters, British remain all friend you're saying commission president, Claude Younger wants the U.K. to leave quickly, by Minister David Cameron wants a successor to work out the separation later this year Stock Markets rebounding in Europe and Futures are a big on Wall Street The Dow stuffing hundred seventy points instead Rex invoke a pioneer for women in college basketball has died Pat some of its only sixty-four boxes, Max has more on our live days sports sociologist Mary Joe Kane once wrote in modern history there are two figures that be long gone amount rushmore of women's sport's Billie Jean King and Pat Summit, thirty-eight seasons head coach at the University of Tennessee Summit won a division one record one thousand eighty-eight games she's on the Naismith Basketball Hall Of Fame and the Women's Basketball Hall Of Fame before her final season with the leave all Summit revealed or diagnosis up early onset Alzheimer's and was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom she passed away this morning her son Tyler wrote surrounded by those who love term. 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W. N.Y. impacted sack and there was Roosevelt, always stood to see the smoking dismissed up in La, Alex, I never thought that it only forty-five will give me a heart attack, and no the toilet, my wife level, my two pitches, do you out of favor, and quit now, heart attack risk drops as soon as you quit, call one eight hundred quick now for help getting free medication if available and eligible, that's one eight hundred quick now a message from the center's for disease control and prevention, stuck in traffic, we've got the answer, whatever the liaison New Jersey Brand New Jersey Transit train fifteen manipulates inbound into New York and station with ongoing contest, Jay trained generally is as well the ongoing signal problems, goffin go traffic here's your head over to seventeen K. in aren't County all lane close down seventeen, between notion and Martins said that Playfair, it's a went south benefit him, Lisin, and the southpaw New York State wasted, unit rash sprained with it, the young Paris, it's an accident bear inbound G.W.D. thirty-five, Lincoln almost one hour when develop, the man advantage one and nine northbound heading up, below is a bit of a slowly with him in order main body to game of that sour throughout the day I seventy eighth tomorrow month, I'm a little high of eighty-six, you now nowhere not to go on Debbie to remain am ninety seventy the answer, good morning, welcome to your Tuesday morning briefing. Here's what you need to know the start your day, with your host former Saturday Night Live superstar Joe Fisk of, produced by Frank Gore run, with News guy now go to love, and traffic with Debbie doing, this is the scope of in the morning, an am nine seventy, the answer, their job is secure, five, sure, I'm we've than the Garden State Markley are in the middle of the the pine Barons in a town called Manno harken tuned Stafford Township and the Broadcasting from are good friends at W.G.R.Z. and thankful there, giving me the studio here so I could Lee stay on the every this morning getting through the in and the nonsense that's the knows that and senses us all Frankie five boroughs in Manhattan and you know what will all be together tomorrow upbeat, in that City going up today backtrack to New York's O.O.B. in the studio but I didn't, I want to stay off the especially to see the news, when I see the snow's and I see the Supreme Court, this abortion was again telling the people of Texas, you know how to think and what to do about abortion and the hearing Emma listened and I'm a pro like a tank act like I have to be took perfectly honest, and you know and I as I said early when talking about the sole morning to have the right to tell a woman what to do with the body and think so I don't know that the government as a right to tell them what to do with the body. But you know what ifs it, notes, there's celebrating, abortion visit their celebrating you know what I I'm not gonna vilified you a few pro choice but to celebrate I see Hillary and everybody so that with this It was a celebration guess they can kill baby is now and I'm missing something here and I'm missing something I mean I'm not gonna vilified again I'm not gonna judge or mighty judge like, the Preds is a Jesus to hold my to judge I mean really but don't celebrated for god sake, and you know and again but as a guy few of I feel like it's it's not right but Don said it right on kind enough to call, a fine listener with their mother Connie thank you very much, and on says it's really got slump but you let me know if they can't thank you for your cause I love you man you make him you make sense to it when you call us eight seven seven on seven of twenty-nine I'm gonna cause I read the news and I can come reading a fine line which I become living in an alternate universe when I see, the assembly in New Jersey, racing, they guess only present twenty-three sense again Allen, tootoo refund the transportation trust fun and Mike great state that I stayed loyal to that I love dearly the great people of the great stayed in New Jersey when they're gonna start realizing that guest tax to fund the trip you know what. It's not gonna help at all they're just going in with M.N. is going to go, and you know welfare for the people that are on the Parkway at the turnpike the Puerto started talking to go there, and you can see some workers out, and they get up for ten like their that's not gonna work at all Governor Christie I must say fighting a valiant fight down there, and Vincent create of the head of the Assembly you know what, we appreciate we appreciate it, but you're trying to solve the problem of the transportation trust fun, how about bringing businesses back to New Jersey how about stopping the hemorrhage of people like key to hold earlier we're going to leave New Jersey is Sooners my kids that a school yard can say, I'm leaving you know how many people say that to make them leaving controls by bet thousands every moment believing New Jersey, because they can't figure out how to balance the budget race in on the back of the taxpayer, more taxes, highest property touched in the country and ninety going to give us to get the lead back, shame on you Trenton, game on you, but I'm on incensed by it makes you know why because there's no like this no like film commish in but spring films to New Jersey you know they were going to be member boardwalk Empire the greats the became the show, member that the Russian phenom as Barry Park. With the Bell was out about all yeah it was about Atlantic City should we have been shooting that in the Atlantic, , the millions that tens of millions of dollars the wouldn't generated, they never made the deal the shot an impression breach, but showed up Rampage, like the right away from the jersey you can have to create business, but then I don't know the chances but I know businessman who could run this spate I know people that you could bring in that would really give us the ideas, how do what generate revenue watch Hall pointed innovative concept, it's all about, Texas in the state I am INTs, I am disgusted it makes no sense and there's no margin nub of understanding this but you get a raise a gasoline tax now but one thing in New Jersey we could say and you know what we got beat we don't let the pomp our own guessing you know what we got the cheapest guessing the country well that all changed in that, right along with the property taxes, Jack that up its inexcusable make it sense of it all trying to make sense of them, nine minutes updated cut took his give abroad get even down the shore so my body said that bowed out tell you what I stay here you know by the way only buddies on my buddies I told you about that brought up with, from Philadelphia, and we will get together down the short. They will we would do we have the greatest but a Grayson gotcha, childhood thanks to my parents great childhood, these are my friends, and and we know everything about each other, am and were lifelong buddies it's why I stay New Jersey payroll moved to Florida, it may make I know, they come back and Joe upcoming bad week maybe get together ago you worse when you suffer like the rest of us of that year, your New York Mets, their lives about big by guy but might friend the big man knock on the fat meant he so he's gigantic six six six three hundred pounds now he says Frankie This is the best on them, come to W.G.R.Z. where Broadcasting from Ana coming on a Wacha but I gone in a room just talking to Frank at New York rallied it's not the good site, he's not don't just doesn't always happen when your friends that he can find the station now I don't take to me now I got to walk into it, that's good favor as the favorite when I hit the ball the radio show, when stop average, and in that good, actually, at them, and that is the only pay words that are, we do a live show Allied show you about the stuff about stage and you get attacks where I knew where I knew I can find you I can't find my ticket will spread, all right, I was down in eleven. Bennett, what practic, I think it'll any Cleveland and the differently, what , city you know I you know I got a comparable Thursday and I paid for room Friday night, and so that I me Paula tell out you nose ahead in New Jersey broadcaster says, paulie says to me you know Rooney for a drink, much later he has no whining you just call me I would have gotten you, a comparable because we haven't the convention here, and I said, I know how crazy it drives me whenever people are asking me fit, when I'm in the middle of something at all you need when you're putting on a convention of five thousand people and you know the speakers on any out let me worry about people asking me for free rooms on top of that yeah I I got so Trudeau but it Frankie sound better today I'm glad I'll be up their New York, tomorrow coming up after we're going to take a trek up the Parkway today and get him he Moore told you know that's another thing to you know the told the said this early the told the Garza Park was mostly temporary and turnpike as well they were temporary Y. to pay for the cost of the construction of the Rhodes, and that told never won a way now it's like a toll aren't enough to pay for they did didn't make it to the role travel to put this guess tax Frankie five barrels where we come one man when we come in Newark New Jersey begun to happen assigning more. it's like it's like turning into the socialist country when we just got to keep paying him pain in pain and that's what people even in droves brother, yeah Joe here Jekyll right in the cost of living is just through the roof and it's just people you not to be able to afford to live in New Jersey and we had I make a decent wage, anymore after taxes tall, sales tax is income tax property Texas Tech not only can not afford to live they can't afford to die, right now we go to some phone calls and then had a McDonald's gonna join us with their new book, Maureen and Staten Island morning good morning what's on your mind this morning gear, I'm going to let that this could well I love within few thank you so much, I I think when you play your commute previewed color he had with President Obama is the intentions but I needed him penciled that bad year he had spent a long ago they gonna fundamentally changed the country had one that occurred in May, you know it, but it is great, if you mentioned in trying to throw it and Lendl told the country and it's a very scary, and I Yes I get strong our children in other coming up now I have two young daughters and I get, eight, and the more you think it's a concerted effort on behalf of the president in this regard. Yes I did so I believe his it belief and I believe it will lead to my you know you from my opinion as a ego I really, and he did it did, you know it can president but no I guess, I just into a good move Molina's again, we Joe next on you call and I thank you for listening Marine and they got bliss, you when you and your kids in deep and moorings, she speaks for a lot of Scotty you feel like you know one of the suspect the presence in the states and I think Barack Obama see the swagger in the star power I know that irritate you when I say that but should manny's he's good any Bopp Bengals your force want steps he's got he's like he's riding a horse unit but his hands together you know is wrist so to get it but I'm Ok, with the Pred beautiful family inheriting, I don't know man i don't I'm not feeling he was brought up like we were brought up in United States America where you know in the name of God one nation under got God Bless America that patriotism I'm not feeling that from President Obama tonight go to join Brown still a guys before we go to break joy how are you this morning, oh I was signed Joe thank you so much for taking my call and they wanna tell you, that that that decision yesterday but really not about abortions. It went about taking care of that one man when she can authority stands, that's the plaintiff not Garrett A.B., the doctor can get to a hospital it's something goes wrong you know what with what that about that, you know what's ailing outs they're not get and you know that and took the whole thing was about, yeah and when asked what it was about him with nine about abortion, it was restrictions on a portion and we're just out taking care of women, and you think how our needy at Catcher, but I didn't, it does not held returns, and that is that there are both playing in the country when you're right, it does not how but says joint thank you for break in the down soreness and you know it's too because that you see the headlines as a read US Supreme Court striking got a Texas law that restricted access to abortions, it seems to me Frankie five barrels, that you have to end enjoys absolutely right as I try to do you have to model through exactly what the Su premio court why the decided what to decide and it was services they wanted and walking through this Frankie as Arthur right down the life of Australia earlier, but they want to two, restricted, they want to actually have these abortion clinics have more services, for further patience and I write Frank Reich and and and the N.B.A. look Torrey services and things like that that's Correct in the folks. That oppose that say that that puts him on do burn, on both the abortion, Clinic provider of the importantly abortion provider and on the woman seeking the abortion because it's it's too much to mix it too expensive for the someplace displays of clay is so so good, Jori had a point there, yeah it well I mean I I think so I mean deferred that's the That's the whole rationale behind the law get okay them to go to Cleary cleats we love will open the gals call Player in Queens Good morning clear how you doing this morning, hi I'm fine alley year so what we're trying to make sense of it all clear what he's thinking girl battling to keep you I know you in a very big match, I want to be, one thing is quick to possibly bring down, and see if station, one got to let the people that you work with every N.F.L. beef coming here command, life, why, a wet faith in his left heel who they are, I am, what if anything , it's great that he had Nevin he or any of them on the show, and I love to hear that you Nolan late, no you don't know this feels great and one of the great thing is that you , if it coming it's very tight I could have like grandchildren, and in the morning to continue to go along with believing they believe lately, you know word. Quick adding to say and I'm going to ballot, along with that of my mouth, I know you don't know if it can not night staying its end, eight and you'll see Kate look a little better, it's not the word, instead luck is career that one, latest, uses somebody that, my guess building for me and I don't learned to say it anymore, yeah yeah it, yet as I grandchildren already have it, per cent, I don't think it should be set new have such a clean Celtic though, use knowing anybody and only telling them that you know the thing if if no station, the listen, you know that we're going to do with the stuff saying that we're just because you calls that you hang it's the clear We're going to call the Claire a lot and am likes it, the pissed about show, I'm not gonna say the word anymore, I shoot that he got hit and my grandchildren will appreciate it prompted played thank you got less, I take nothing for granted, you look great, so where you, that's a start added Now that was a bit were Friday five boroughs than Ben weren't don't say Frank I know you don't you get to say it right added that year it now like a said, well it depends if you use the, units version or the German version in German it's not a bad word in Janish it can be a little obscene, Claire lot players law plea could you please write that down that if you break that that clears law we we will not say that would anymore cleared because I like to keep equipment to go with a win like shutout that's the whole beauty of using parlaying which isn't Bob grant was a master at this he would say the worst things in life. And that's all that money Cutler The House, Pryor was Ok, so you doing the same thing in hitters Bethea of the creative way of, using obscenity you know what Frankie five boroughs with a McDonald's gonna join a certain Luck had the she's so I see are at fox business all the time and, she's got this new bocce want cops this is this is you have to hear about Woodhead there's writing about this is going to be a great interview I look for two but who walked in the might not buddy, the big man defenceman David McCourt talking to them microphone if you it's a high to all about legit yet hearing that but nobody got Joe I thought he could to see thank you for getting of number, I don't so many funny that you know I've known each other for Sixty years now sixty years, and here we are in and get up in the morning to come see me in the room like this talking to New York City you just want to come and then let my support, yeah leverage on all good and you are and I got tell you and eight nineteen with disk upon in the city the X.M. down the jerseys sure Broadcasting from Manimal can the jersey because I'm liking the big time, I give a long way to not wet from L.B. item at all good they by made it at that, but it's your be very guys that you got that I go get get to we got to go to a break but missed a Liberal missed the Liberal. now miss eleven here you in your Voting for Hillary, I'm Voting for the Democratic platform, a look at you look at you can't change your mind hated your mind, right now all right roadwork guided big David great that nobody David, you're good friend tonight and appreciate hate that there's hope I get speed but it's a goalie you got to decided David two six six did about the bed unit routes all well and I know I go but they're all liberal liberal all my guy that you might change your mind, he might be the jaded bye Bye got a big sub out because of arty, fired up the sport, I think is stacked with the gate Debbie, I can't say I drive so much of it my of a job by all over the place driving and I don't know, a more money the key, when you take did this a Governor Christie on his behalf is trying to work with its appreciate out in the assembly to work at how but who he was paid the price we pay the price it that beat monster Vincent probably is gets come gaffe current so he's not, hats, in spotting up found he probably get that, or at the word, in a good point on the probably of the driver as well, they had the Mcdonough coming up surely the wonderful a beautiful the talented there be doing on the road city to twenty-one any amount seventy the answer. It's all a terrible start off of New Jersey Transit fifteen minutes of Lakeland hitting are spend faze him with congestion also Gates frame that plays with ongoing signal problems a problem in hosting County toward the about excuse the notion County everything with a fine and seventy-two right through man a hockey in but if you're heading into our bridge down a problems on seventeen on a its complete, the close between go should in Florida, the New York's of a keep an eye on map for you traffic is building eighty-four is that I think eighteen with an accident being cleared out some pretty tough at the end outside of the nineteen fifty-eight minutes and how much that now I played like him Holland thirty-five, George's on muffin hours not because of earlier problems brought to you by Compassion International, as a little boy or girl living in poverty right now they don't have enough to eat they're sick they can't go to school and you can release them from that poverty when you become a sponsor with Compassion International, find out how at compassion dot com slash radio cloudy today with a chance of showers throughout the day and hired seventy-eight you now nowhere enough to go eighty-one a man ninety seventy, yeah, there is only one way to win back the Vikings one way to get the country's back one way to make the eight year nightmare go away it all starts in Cleveland in July and find my it's time to get start as it is. Joint blows to the host of the station for live coverage from The Q. d convention morning noon and nine, the biggest story of the year, and it starts and ends right here beginning July E.T., and they nine seven P.M. 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The Food And service was great and I he they make those delicious rolls right on boy do you know I've been trying to decide what to do from my daughter Sweet Sixteen and some corporate events if you should absolutely book the Atlanta's they do more than just wedding sunset cocktail parties are in bottom it's close luncheons and guests are able to bored from several locations Francesca was, so easy to work with color into one two three eight five ninety-four hundred or email her at and Nance at France touch of class dot com charter the Atlanta's for your event today call Francesca two one two three eight five nine four hundred or visit France touch of class dot com for limited time mention while boat to receive ten percent off a private charter on The Atlanta, , he missed people in the morning is a twenty-four had the Mcconnell Standing by got nobody the big man with me my lifelong friend big David from Philadelphia, from northeast Philly Downie unless you to join us in here and the thanks to not busting my chops you don't that's not some heated and then I got might be ex is here for Davis to bust match ups about this Friday for all week was going to be spot and I know you make the problem a but he's hit the post a might just because all the kids are down everybody's that and I'm paying if everything, and I eight thousand a week. Yeah I would not quite, white but close but I catching mighty you think they've called the show up or anything like that, I get into the new went to the same thing, absolutely not, and you do but you you know what you got a key player for the my right around you watch such a great father you were like a bomb a bombs grown up, man we've got the Hutson house when we are Fifteen I mean a twenty-one twenty went right seventeen, seventeen, now you Tony up to be degree funny the beautiful beautiful two daughters look at you look at you what you've done dipped to higher than soft on the big man you get a soft on the hate still biscuit but the radio eight twenty-five right now a down the shore and jersey Broadcasting from the studios of W.G.R.Z., and that birth, Brock is he wanted to your five boroughs as in New York had the Mcdonald standing by will chat with her shortly but I want to tell you about United mortgage, I love tell you about United more, why does Jo we always like tell you about United mortgage, because they had there for you even after the long closes just like the seven days a week of you call now eight twenty-six in the morning eighty eighty eighty eighty fifty-seven twenty-one you know what United mortgage the answer to fondly unhappy, up you build your net worse and they're gonna be there for you even after the long close and you know what if you're older than the into sixty-two. You know what qualify for reverse mortgage still be no more mortgage payment they did you know that you can possibly owned a hole for less only opinion for rent, all these great things are happening United mortgage while walking through every step of the way, eight eight eight eight fifty seven twenty won United mortgage eight eight eight, date fifty-seven twenty-one years that disclaimer that I love you're not going to hear a better disclaimer than this United mortgage caught an M.L.S. number thirteen thirty forty-eight that show to twenty fifth they haven't was store you New York won the model six license mortgage banker New York state Department of Financial Services, New Jersey department banking insurance Connecticut license led the Connecticut the part of the banking United mortgage Corp is not any just even the Federal Government all offers a subject to under writing approval, Dennis greater coming up at one that, team, his bow him on a star knew what may be in twenty-seven right now and I said , fired up this morning, out and I had the Mcdonald would rate book he's a senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute contributing Contributing Editor to a city Journal in the author of the new book the war cops that we have Heather with a check I she's actually got coming up is a little while right you know what I'm honored to have the wrote this book manages to address this then as we thought she wrote a book called the war on Cotts. He'll turn of to democracy Joe rule by just a few people, a look at the Super delegates how Hillary just, one break, also on this well rally here before you go to break Frankie and we bring on had them a dumb, but what happened would pretty Elizabeth Warren who would bring Elizabeth Warren on worst Bernie below love about the about Bernie where the party, we've just got to get tens of millions of, he's got a platform whether you like him or not whether to do with ever did you're not whether he's up Communist or not he has millions of followers, and Hillary, Perry despite to the Super delegate process where now to say well as with Warne's gonna be the bye spread that look at those that with yesterday wears Bernie out all of this and how does he get so disregarding the Do your point Friday by barrels think that there's no credence to the voters at all well, for first, a couple things what is it Hillary did get the most votes and she did when the most State so it's not look like that but she's but look at number two was burning right in a subsist very substantial way and she's just disregarding the Scot but you get a second is I don't think, Elizabeth Warren would very much like to be Hillary's running mate on certain, but I don't think Hillary whatever pick or she's politically astute enough in her husband certainly is to know that a ticket with two women is just a non starter it's it's not going to happen. Bernie Sanders I don't think Hillary whatever pick pick him and you know what she So about them but to his agenda that I have a tough time seeing Sanders, agreeing to be her her running may not just an issue if it was a Graphene golf and all of you know Jodie Foster fans, I can't see Sanders could mean to be Elizabeth words running mate, elicit this was B.U. touch said this before in them a go to break, and you don't wanna said the Mcdonald pumped up about had his new book award cops, Donald Trump maybe softening his proposed temporary band on Muslims and then Andy at Frankie money take on this because people are going to try to get all for trumpet and then I was with the Giorgi Lopez and he'll but the Mexican flag the other night you know and it's up and I want to say this no waiting in a shipped out eleven twelve twenty million illegal hit just can't do it you just can't breakup those families and it will never happen, happen and I think was to Chubb knows this for the most part but it you know the fact that he says we have to strengthen our borders and we have to take care of our own first America first indeed, but so I think as we go along here and as we hear things like Donald Trump maybe softening his proposed temporary band on Muslims, I'm not surprised to hear this and. I just was curious on your thoughts goes being the huge Trump fend that you are I ever get from fan and just two things based on and what you just said Joe won in terms of, the impact of Cali of shipping out eleven million people of course you're right I mean of course there's no way we have the the manpower allowed even if we had the will to do it which we know there's no way that we're gonna do that, in terms of trumps business philosophy and this is why I think he's going to be so effective as a President because of what he does is he asks for the Moen and if you end up if he ends up with, of what a point but he's so much better off and this is what he's done in business his whole life, asked for a whole ply and we got half of the pie so maybe he says we run a wall and we're gonna make Mexico pay for Ok so maybe we get a was Mexico to pay for it, you says we wanna shipped out eleven million people and their families, Ok maybe we don't ballot million of the families maybe we just shipped out those people that a convicted of Fallon's, and get heightened border security he was the largest tax cut in American History Ok maybe go get a large texted American History we get some that we get some tax cut. I think that's what you can see with the Muslim pancho that we don't bad all Muslims any said you know basically This is a suggestion to starting point for discussion maybe we can just have a temporary halt, people coming in from countries that support terrorism later Dennis Tanner on Syria, so on so forth, Libya Hillary Clinton special Libya which is now terrorist haven thanks to her, brilliant leadership, so I'm not it, five, my we love if you're absolutely right on Monday in every the new safer eighty-five growth and we Levy for that it's eight thirty seventh, I had a McDonald's standby you don't want to miss Heather, and with her new book the war on cops Frank he's got all the headline news for you're listening to am nine seventy the answer, this is the ninth, the answer, seventy degrees in a thirty-seven I'm right where I don't hear love of his first use what's going on it's Paul season here in New York City all fifty-five of the city's outdoor pulls will open starting tomorrow, you D. have to cool off seven days a week from eleven am to free P.M. and from what we have to seven P.M., New York City Parks commissioner Mitch Silver, will get a running start of the season today with a traditional first job, in two Fabre of that night, and The House Republicans but because he report is expected to be out today advanced not his shoulder report argues that has set it with Jerry upstage the week with him. Shooter, it was the wrist pacing the diplomatic, however us Ambassador , Chris Stevens and three other Americans were killed reports that available intelligent suggested that, on the compound by extreme is groups was possible Stevens information officer Sean Smith and C.I.A. operative when darted Tyler words, killed when the cop-out was attack, September eleventh of twenty twelve if you're stuck in traffic to be due a mess got your answer thank you so much Frank let's give it's happening here as you head over to the our at Cambridge very busy getting into town southbound Harlem beverage drive that's can be step to go into the our F. K. in more volumes up on F.T. are drive right you're the nineties Jackie Robinson westbound forest park drive It's a neck sitting Queens Midtown, Tom all also moving slowly into town let's see what's happening on the ally E. westbound some stopping go traffic on the ally the westbound getting into that highway that accident cleared out of the way seventeen Holt remains close between go Shan and Florida over in Orange County are the pretty serious accident there eighty-four East index at eighteen the collision, and the sprain and north that tuckahoe road getting up your Younger is watch After a collision, and then G.W.D. thirty Lincoln Tunnel forty Holland about thirty minutes and as well and some pockets of volume as well as you take it one in ninety work down through Elizabeth of the broken water made two eighty seven North exit twenty-six Bernard Stan Chip. 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So it's such a pleasure being which again thank you so much always great signo over there and we spent a lot of time in the Greenland only assault on the doorstep it's like big plays, at its was one of the cleaner great , it is, it didn't really messes, that's a great void the degree rulebook Fox business is good and had to do a great job of Fox business of Fox News, thank you for writing this book the war cops tell us about this adults about the Ferguson effect, well I started noticing last year Joe that crime was going up, it's very dangerous level of many cities across the country and I talk to Cobb and what I with hearing was that they were experiencing, a very terrifying Street environment that make at store in our level of hostility, and, pressure and hatred being directed at them when they got out of their cards to make it began stream Warren forced a low level, Quality of life, and they've all been subjected to, for the last two years to fifth non stop narrative, from the Black Lives Matter movement that it's been amplified, I did media, and and second that guide The White House on down, that Copps to raise the floor and eighth in trying to save lives in inner city community spying gauging in proactive police saying, and if you result off a Fisher becoming head to ten, but to engage in precisely the type of of. Discretion I proactive police thing, that is being so attack that you races, so the combined effect of opposition backing off, under this year na me of, lies and and hatred being directed at them, and the resulting unfolding of, criminals, it's what I called the Ferguson affected tentative led to some very alarming crime spikes pretty across the country, the McDonald's the statistics show in crime is going up in America cities, well last year, if you look at the largest fifty-six cities which basically take care of most of the population, you saw seventeen percent increase in homicide, you know that is nearly and then Bennett, if homicide gone down, seventeen percent in one year that would've been declared, in major victory but that's not all, in hitting, with large Black population the homicide increased which from fifty can ninety percent, in places like Cleveland and guess what, the victim start Jo, black overwhelmingly, the people that are being killed, our Black but I have their plaques could not a word of Croquettes from the Black Lives Matter activists, indeed it placed managed just met with Loretta Lynch today she dead, he had a bomb is invited the men I think they have met with lens it's just extraordinary because this is like group, that is based on complete ignorant about why police are in inner city community without the facts, police shooting, they are filled with hate trade that they have no connection, to the many good people in the community and I I talk to people like misses sweep or a camp. He is amount hope section of the Pronger he told me, she was terrified it's going to be building lobby, unless The Police where there he said police Jesus, and more officers and she is absolutely not represented by Black Lives Matter activists, and all of that season as certainly the Obama administration is due to hit literally handcuffing The Police where they're not going in Monaco win, to the to the people that need the help the most in the inner cities and Whitehead that Wyatt, and Chicago, I mean you know the talking about guns this a sit down and congress, could lord and and a lot of the Pope's kind enough to listen always call, what what what we do we need Chicago only dressing mad at all, well the Bills gun control is proactive policing and stops in Chicago pedestrian not hitter with noted not question of cricket down ninety percent, he weekend because someone the shot every forty-three minutes, there was the league's boy at six thirty P.M. who was shot than paralyze, and because criminals their know that they're not going to be stop about that, I was here a couple weekend to go and a police officer told make you've never experience that hatred in the twenty years on the court, Don't you know an officer can not get out of it carted a without being surrounded, I angry cursing crowd sometimes throwing things sticking cellphone to ride in an offer to say it's not a question of standing on that. A current filming it to question going into a an investigation team and interfering with that opposition lawful it's already here seeing now, the breakdown of lawn order and the media is turning away from it, he ended when there's a domestic assault in the inner cities in this I can say this enough who goes there who goes right into the heart of the battle it's the police and now youll quote on the back of your book from former commissioner of the N.Y.P.D. re Kelly in which he says you helps separate fact from fiction on Pollock placing, what are some of the miss that you disprove in your book, well with the had missed the Black Lives Matter is of course that, there is a a race, war against unarmed black e-mails, and that's simply not dictate it turns out that a much higher proportions, white and his panic homicide pick , I killed by The Police, the black on the night victims, twelve, of all White and Japan I come if I picked him, Dion police shooting compared to four, fans, of all black on the night picked him to a killed by The Police so we're going to have an anti cop Lives Matter movement it would make more sense to call it what it panic lies Matter, an officer in eight, even the half times more likely, to be shot by a black male for the unarmed black Melo's to be shots, by hop.