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Listen: he's saying absolutely no way and he has a similar sentiments a Peyton Manning

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And an just want to get the words out so badly I felt that same type of emotion watching Peyton Manning do is interview with places altars so you know his denial and he's threatening to sue productive nation though that is very difficult prep well he's not the only one who is using varied choice words To say this Aljaz here report is complete an odd third well a let them tell you first Pittsburgh James Harrison no word on looking for a slight arm i don't know how they do he's never supply inevitably still on the tips i went very special so James errors then wants to use a word has three bleach out on national radio but it starts and ends with teen has to syllables honest way that their for you he's saying absolutely no way and he has a similar sentiments a Peyton Manning an to Clay Matthews so you hear from a second about why How this takes away from all the hard work these foot injuries NFL career is Cindy over the full year period You gotta you gotta take effects before you go disclose somebody says a doesn't mean sure you know I could say you're you're gay you're home such a The school of wealth there's room do you have the fight that case I have divided because I looked like yeah that's not analogy that I would years but I understand what he's saying essentially he thinks anybody can say anything and put it on social media claim that you have a source An doesn't necessarily have to be validated but it's a public figure it it's taken an pulled out of proportion it turns it into a story where there might not be a story and he's right he's Ryan this teenagers social media in this day and age of the new cycle the spins like wild fire were everything is out their end instantly gets picked up an goes the worries viral click sir up A lot of times just throwing a rumor out there all of a sudden means that you have to addressed it may have talked about it It is frustrating if you're a public figure and even worse because everybody wants to be the next to break a scandal or to break a big story about someone is menus an interesting to what I've been reaping some ugly analysis of this Aljaz their reporter get out of there has stood behind as the reporter saying we see a minor reporting but some Abi analysis of the actual video include the fact that one Charlie sly mentioned the name Peyton Manning the whole documentary turned into an Expos than Peyton so it wasn't a release posted be that way it was originally supposed to be cut this look into they use of performance-enhancing drugs Ian sports and it was a sprained terror whose posing is a guy who won in to make a comeback But when this slide dropped a bunch of names an including Peyton Manning that all the suddenly Aljaz Siera documentary took a turn any became more about Payton y because he's the biggest name He's one of the biggest names in sports certainly one of the faces of the NFL even now as he goes through these injuries is twenty ended his career so everybody wants to be the ones who breaks that big story about so many famous if that's the type of journalism you or into and that's your business or here look indicates a clip that and so ao desirous getting behind it but certainly trying to make a name for himself in its network and potential this reporter as well by using the name Peyton Manning and some of these others so you're from Clay Matthews.