Listen: "This is another thing they would concern me if I was an NFL team"

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Chris Graythen
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Not duo AC the miss a Sweet sixteen team probably but when you're talking about team's towards the top of the brackets that and to leave me wanting more every single years of one of us one of those teams over and over again they just don't seem to be able to deliver on a consistent basis decked Prescott cost himself some money or you would think that Prescott the quarterback for Mississippi State considered a likely second or third round pick in the draft arrested for DUI in stark Vilma sippy police pulled over Prescott in a White Twenty Sixteen Cadillac escalate this is another thing they would concern me if I was an NFL team he's already driving the Twenty Sixteen Cadillac escalate and he hasn't been paid yet there was many many stories about help Peyton Manning when he came to his first camp came in a sort about the beat up type city and just just nothing you know really Shelly and they S Peyton you know what I gonna do with all the money that he maybe some that earned it gun earned it member Patrick Ernie when he played for the Atlanta Falcons defensive end for the Falcons in and Patrick Ernie drove the same sort of beat up truck but I think he drove back at Virginia and he drove it through whatever it done shock me now the Patrick is helping NFL players be able to hold onto their cash as in his second career so some guys they immediately go for the flash others are and then they didn't do you Weiss deck Prescott police stop costing yourself money there's a thing called goober use it it's a smart thing to do so Alex we're having Stone issues this morning went with what's is so we bright place the called him is to show off that says no routes Brown so I first we won the Czech the area code because that we weren't sure for like something up in Canada a language check the area code two zero six its EL Washington It's a Ottawa should get any comes out yes that should not be an issue that is strange every time though I placed the call it says nor routes found so I might have I try texted him and I also emailed them is that crazy and I give him our number instead can you call lots and have not received their spot that's very very strange when no routes found that no routes found great saying Brock Osweiler Brock Osweiler May find himself in the same situation yet he may have no routes found but he's able to use to the Houston Texans to sell not a good situation you want to try.