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Michio Kaku Explains Inflationary Theory

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The universe is expanding everywhere be luck we see that not only other galaxies moving away from us but the farther they are the more the faster they're moving and we once thought that the excel ration the slowing down now we realizing that we realize that it's actually speeding up and that leaves us with the possibility that maybe one day we'll be headed for a big freeze the universal be so cold that even the life itself can not survive online tool die when the universe itself freese is an absolute zero well at this point i advocate another scientists have discussed it maybe we should leave the universe maybe we should leave the universe saying created injured in mention all lifeboat and sailed to another nearby universe where it's warmer and perhaps weekend mess up that you know various as well as messing up this universe as a well well the color asked the question is there i gigantic object out there that is talking on us or that is that is you origin of the six celebration andy has we think is now because everywhere be luck the universe seems to be uniform in fact it is uniform almost two i mathematical precision when we measure the back i radiation that fills up the universe the remnant of the big bang itself we find that it is remarkably uniform so what ever explosion created the universe created in a various that is unique early uniform in other words there is no large object out there talking i noticed that we are aware out however the latest serious called inflation and inflation does lead the possibility that maybe the numbers could be lumpy or than we thought perhaps in our sector of the universe we had a cosmic explosion but maybe just maybe big bangs happen all the time even as you're listening to this radio program perhaps universe is our being created if that's true it means like a bull lewin inflated they are tiny some believes that are appealing up and they are also in flailing and that creates around the lumpy structure but in all these balloons in all these bubbles the universe is still uniform within each bubble and the universe is either accelerating or even a contract in that's called inflationary theory it's gotten a lot about the city in fact we had the our richie nadir of the inflationary theory professor one two with a them i key on science fantastic he may eventually win the no bill prize in physics for a giving as perhaps the most accurate real estate model how the big bang took place which in turn predicts there could be other big bangs happening all the time okay well living right alone let's take that next listener phone call he has professed french open my name is wrong and.