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What The Real Key To Transgender Inclusion Is

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I focus has always been a continues to be on education I just think education is the real key too, raising awareness and what you raise awareness that's when progress can begin to occur in terms of inclusion in unity in that sort of thing so I'm just a big fan of education I do everything I can to get out in to the community and try to provide edge occasional opportunities winner wherever I can because I just believe that L.G.B.T. to folks really, to understand a little bit more about the transfer dominant in order to be more inclusive and their overall outlook him one of the main issues that we should be advocating for oh my gosh, the main issues for the trans community , I don't believe you can have socially quality until you First have economic Equality, and economic equality begins with employment, and so I really that you know like to try to get people to focus on, employers in recruiters and creating conduits for Transgender talent so we can address the abysmal situation that exist with trans unemployment for example, country, the unemployment right for the trends communities twice the national average out and for trails people color its four times in that, Aldridge, so that's a significant problem that's an example of the kind of thing I try to educate people about,