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College Basketball

Listen: "Wildcats dismantled Oklahoma, 95, 51, most lopsided game in final four history"

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Coming up the league sweeping the season nightmare is on than those three the first well it's once update when Mark Trumbo added notes flare Paul North Carolina dispose of Syracuse eighty-three sixty-six they not get the tenth seed orange marking the ten trip the national championship game in school history Charles broke down the Syracuse two threes only forced to our to chime pressed to get back in the game and played right into North Carolina's hand sweeps but in the press soon unless we won the Dunedin he was on the speed is so we had a couple that total was in a way that ended in ST Louis One of late again concluded the results of the game was a layup so situation we did of Arizona's plan we know how to play a lot of boys are not turn the ball over that's Bryce Johnson finished tied for team-high honors were Justin Jackson with sixteen apiece fixed Africa and North Carolina's Bilodeau about Wildcats dismantle Oklahoman ninety-five fifty-one most lopsided game and final four history although the shots seventy-one percent from the field as a club Josh heart led the way with twenty-three Chris Jenkins eighteen Bob Bryan are going away added fifteen but it was their play on the other end Bolden body heal to just nine points that made him most proud we watched also not good but he is and we know he was gonna he would make tough shots so we just try key fresh bodies on the mend down to make him take tough contested shots and it is happened as he could tonight but we see him when he was not going down from everywhere so Monday's national championship game is set it will be North Carolina gets villain over NBA Spurs enough thirty-nine and Owen home of the bounce the Raptors one oh two ninety-five and a career-best thirty-three points require letter to Marcus Aldridge thirty-one in fifteen boards Pistons up and the Bulls ninety-four ninety the Chicago two games out a final playoff spot just six games remaining to stop the guy could fight none of so so we can do right now the big on come up tomorrow to short turnaround I'm going to treatment at the bodies as good as possible going into tomorrow night you know we'll get it going and keep fighting.