Listen: "People got to watch Wayne Gretzky play every night"

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Derek Leung
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Times where say I'm watching highlights of all the great things that happened you know the Rexall Place the old Northlands Coliseum the Edmonton Oilers played there forever can you imagine people got to watch Wayne Gretzky play every night with mass EN La in all of them I mean honest a guy I mean they were can you even and believe an end always a guy's name my guy hitting what was the goalie's name the brother that played it Graham Pierre oh my God it Curry team the CIA my god and me Stanley Cup and division championships that they won in I came in the NFL and there being able to see all that and resist a shock now I mean two all of that that play once in a lifetime can you imagine growing up in began wake fifteen days twenty years old watching Gretzky all those years what a rush that would have been like it never seen anything like that I know I have a night we got a later his criminal are pretty was in the same I mean so who you know what hate that they suck now those anybody under what thirty because if you're around the mid suck there were some yeah I mean that I'm Stan like you know I forty-five in above the United tenure I went back to that if you're that's what I did that saying like if you were old enough they did it doesn't matter to you Now that they're the day saga None you disappointed and you and you understand that that they suck in your like whatever but that if you got to see that I would've been like I'm several lifes when the greatest dynasties in the NHL maybe even sports I got to see let me Ill and I get to see the Lemieux and Jaeger when Cobbs and then you got what two out of them may at six the right I mean it's unbelievable.