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Mike Gallagher On Black Lives Matter

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Mike Gallagher
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In deaths of five police officers in Dallas, during the protest against police brutality, White House press Secretary Josh Earnest says the President is casting a wide net for today's meeting presence interested talking, it's a great activists, it and it's leaders in on fortunate, community leaders, unfortunately chills political leaders, to talk about some of these questions dead, our country's did wrestling with, earnestness speaking on enforce one returning from a memorial service in doubt, and they're going to Pierre Paul gives the slight edge to Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton and critical swings states White House Correspondent great clubs in reports when it the bolster say gets to close the call in Florida and Pennsylvania where Trump has taken a slight lead over Clinton and in the battleground state of Ohio where the candidates are tied Clinton has lost an eight point lead since mid June and, seed lower grades on honesty and moral standards Florida Ohio and Pennsylvania are in the election spotlight because since nineteen sixty no candidate has won the presidential race without taking at least two of these three states great clutch done Washington British Prime Minister David Cameron has received a standing ovation honors last am part, the today members of The House of Commons thanked him for his six years of service as a conservative later, Cameron announced just resignation after the majority British voter said they wanted to leave the European union, want to formally resigns during a meeting with queen Elizabeth later today home Secretary Teresa may will become the knew. 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Official say the injured firefighters treated for Minor League exhaustion, section of legs for broad was close through the morning raw shower, three young men are under arrest for a police chase that led to a brief lockdown of the us capital authorities arrested nineteen year old key on tape Edwards eighteen year old Al fledged Shilo Inn twenty year old Keith Jones yesterday on a litany of charges including assault on an officer Resisting arrest and several weapons charges and one point D.C. Police Chief Kathy when you're says Edwards used a small machine gun to fire, shots a police officers in pursuit no one was injured, Virginia state police are citing a medical emergency is because of an accident involve twenty-one vehicles along the northbound lanes of Interstate three ninety-five, stately spokeswoman Korean Keller says it about six thirty last evening the driver of a pickup truck experienced a medical emergency losing control bumping into vehicles over a five miles stretch of highway in coming to a stop when it got boxed in by traffic, the fifty-seven year old tried was taken to the hospital for treatment and three others as well went right for minor injuries now, the Czech on the road, five northbound from going to the frank twenty Springfield Parkway slow traffic because of last shoulder work in the area just watch for delays their three ninety-five northbound between we've wrote in Washington Boulevard accidents walking the two right lanes it's G.M. Jeff from sure links and three ninety-five northbound from boundary channel drive with a fourteen Street Bridge clutch for delays there's also jammed up from the George Washington Parkway southbound. For the memorial bridge toward the fourteen Street Bridge, and then third straight title northbound that's heavy from the street average with New York avenue to ninety-five G.M.'s up southbound from any one Burrows navigated Pennsylvania Avenue sixty-six eastbound heavy from the Dallas connector rode the sycamore Street local news every thirty minutes all day long and Scott Brady on am twelve sixty the answer, now you're exclusive given the forecast and I am twelve sixteen, answer partly sunny skies high and humid with a shower Thunder storm high eighty-six that ninety, cloudy skies warm and humid for tonight blow for the rest of your Wednesday seventy-six, Thursday partly sunny high in humid with a shower Thunder storming spots high ninety-five and for Friday partly sunny inhuman high ninety-three, with the Accu Weather forecast I need to rob the Richmond just best returns to name on August sixth through the night featuring the thirty yar this time around the blow you don't one of the Davis, fourteen O. Napoli call, Willem and more, Richmond games Festival presented by him throughout brought to you in part by Virginia spring waters Dominion ended, the Richmond region to resume Richmond B.M.W. that it shows me dot com that's Jansen came out dot com for tickets sponsored by Virginia to isn't ration the Virginia Association Of Broadcasters cooperation with the station, W.R. C. Washington Washington warranted from the local acts real to studios what now your house and fifty-eight date for my uncertain conditions in exceptions on this city and twelve sixty the answer from firearms and personal security to the offensive The Second Amendment. Bearing arms dot com is the clearinghouse for guns am all and a Second Amendment, listen, we batted two nine for sure, sure trio Radio with three Gaffney, a year, kelce sixty-eight T.N.T. here, the answer that you've been looking for, , this is your total information floors, Mike Gallagher show, the news is happening, and we keep you, back into the headlines like no one else, no fear, money, out here, as much, and when it's controversial to say all lies Matter, the national anthem of our neighbors North, is all Canada, last night, at Petco Park in San Diego, a member of the singing group that can errors, a Canadian singing group revise the anthem, instead of Shane, with glowing to hearts we see the rise the true North strong in free, remains you you know Pereira saying, we're all brothers and sister's all Lives Matter, should the great, , he also held up with and Lives Matter signed a got suspended he's in trouble, should the down that you can't say all lies Matter, , you realize it's controversial to say we shouldn't be throwing, bottles and walks, at the police, and then when it's controversial goal for The Police cheaper Dallas David Brown, to show support, to The Police for his police officers after five home, at five Dallas Jerry officers were murdered, that's controversial he's gotten death threats, how batter thinks, when it the memorial service yesterday, there's even controversy about Obama speech. I won, and I'm a member of the loyal opposition to Brock Obama, I am, desperate, for this, Lebeau, Democrat, Chapter and in The White House, and I'm fighting hard, for Trump to win, because I know what a catastrophe Hillary Clinton would be this commander and chief, having said that I there are times when we don't have to be punished, and for Obama to go to Dallas with his wife, with Weidman, with George W. Bush and former president portion the former first lady Laura Bush, and memorialized baseball in officers and make an attempt, unified, of course I don't like when Obama goes back to the gun control, stupidity, of course I don't like it when he doesn't announced, these Black Lives Matter activists to work committing acts of violence, but he goes there and, tries to, and expression belief and support for those Paul officers and their families, and I'm sorry I don't have it in me, to Politte his size or criticize Obama for his speak, there's a little bit of what it sounded like which to the second cut that we had Eric, of Walker Bomber, yesterday in Dallas, you know the country I love with Greg Greg got felled from fox wrote, he wrote a column, but Fox News dot com the other David said, five, police officers killed, three hundred and eighteen million injured, such a great way of saying that were country, just grieves and and, is it anguish over the senseless Slaughter of Dallas police Sergeant Michael Smith whose funeral service was underway as we speak. And for, brave officers, so listen to, British isms and, divisiveness I mean if we want to do whatever unified or but what, if you didn't like the criticism the George push was getting from some of the far left radical activists after Nine Eleven, well then we can't turn around him, we should be criticizing Obama, four, really the show mission the memory and the lives of these stuff I've officers, , and yes whether you like it or another whether you want to admit it or not Obama said a lot of pro police things and did acknowledge the sacrifices and the brave, in the heroism, of all police officers, and I just again I am on, I know it's probably not popular, it should just say, there are times that should be non partisan but I think the memorial service yesterday, is one of the here's a little bit of Obama speech, his tribute to these officers from the podium yesterday in Dallas, Michael, all answered the call, his mother said, he knew in the dangers of the job, but he never shied away from his duties, he came up, I was a miles from this Olmstead a Michigan, to be a cop in Dallas, telling his family, this is something I wanted to do, last year he brought his girlfriend back to Detroit for Thanksgiving, it was the last time he sees plan, Michael step, call, I mean, , and although almost thirty, working for the Dallas police Association. Which gave him, the appropriately named, cops award, a man of the plate, what it was, , he could be found the charges, or play softball winners to grow, today, his goals while Sperber, regardless called Michael that, you don't have to agree with, go bomb and I'm goodness knows I don't should be able to appreciate what those words must've men, to the families of those officers, to have a sitting American president, pay tribute to their loved one, , has to be profound, and again if it if you disagree with me I get it, if you feel the need to criticize Obama, I get it, I just don't help me as one of those who want to watch too, turn yesterday's memorial service in Dallas into a partisan exercise because I'm and I can and I'm well, one eight hundred six five five Mike, we number is we welcome you went to the might Gallagher show, I'm all about the partisan ship, blunder standing who needs to be the next president guide states I know who needs to be stopped, certainly know that that, in terms of national and even battleground State polls, this Racers neck and neck which is good news for Trump on the eve of the convention next week in Cleveland, either way there are some tickets left for the big tell the whole event we're going to have at The Center the night before the convention starts in Cleveland, W. 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H.K. radio dot com and I urge you to go there quickly causes tickets are going bad, all right back to your phone calls and a conversation about the Supreme Court and root later Ginsburg what we she think, where she not that a more next year on the might Gallagher shelf, , sixteen, here's a reminder that you should be considering when it comes to the national debts Kerley over nineteen trillion dollars our economy nearly collapsing under it's only wait, was a name for you for me, investments Luck is this ballboy and that calls for a need to protect ourselves Gold could help balance your portfolio, I know you know that you see that every day you know that you're all the talk about the need to include glare was part of your portfolio and not a financial advisor but I am recommended you talk to my friends of grilled co they have us totaling reputation an exemplary reputation all kinds of rave reviews for the Better Business Bureau and more. 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Yet he comes back lot that she will return, getting will increase if I ever turquoise up a bonafide, I know I T.E. hat, eight, nine or two eight one down when I get down to the bottom of my boxes on a night when I get to about three quarter don't know, the Customer, it's time to play my border an invite dot com each and every day she used get not gotten off by the may get three fatty acids but the ankle golf are the digest there that vinyl that are cooked out of regular done that, Jake is it's Christian, your dog right years behind by a working knowledge clearly it would take Atlanta now eight five nine four two eight went down eight, nine four two eight one, lineup lights for life, N.L., I.P., I'm lead, this is, , in the room ninety-five northbound for more to the frankly Springfield Parkway tropics running slow because of some shoulder works and just watch for delays their three ninety-five northbound at Washington Boulevard two right lanes are blocked with an accident it's jammed up from surely ten three ninety-five northbound also G.M.'s a from boundary channel drive to the fourteen Street Bridge George Washington Parkway southbound is running slow from the memorial, greatest with fourteen Street Bridge, and then on not Third Street Tunnel North down to lace from the streetwear New York Avenue running heavy their two ninety-five southbound from any Helen Burrows haven't in a Pennsylvania Avenue sixty-six eastbound heavy traffic between the Dallas connector wrote headed over toward sycamore Street. Accu Weather forecast partly sunny warm and humid a couple of heavy afternoon and even thunderstorms today High in six partly cloudy warm and humid tonight Los seventy-six in them partly sunny hiding he would tomorrow afternoon evening thunderstorms ninety-five, partly sunny hot and humid ninety-three on Friday, cloudy an eighty in Washington I'm Scott Brady with traffic and weather on am twelve sixteen The answer this is Christie more founder of local expert reality listen to what one of our clients have to say about all the whole spare very good spirit they make you very coughed the ball what they're doing answering questions even after Sale support I highly record, and it was arson process and if you wanna sell your house call now eight six six two two two thirteen thirteen or go to sold in five ain't dot com certain conditions or exceptions may have why are you looking to sell your house did you know that that average agent in matter D.C., he sells three houses a here I am Christie more founder of local expert reality Arbor bridge only has full-time local experts to sell nine times as many homes as the average age if you wanna sell your house call now eight six six two two two thirteen thirteen she'll sell your house in fifty-eight days, or show buying that call eight six six two two two thirteen thirteen, hundred years ago Virginia station wildlife numbers plummet, then the department of Damon than Lynch Fisher's was found to bring them. But we couldn't do it alone, place in threes of Hunter's tanglers voters are not Durant dizziness paid the Bills, today, on a Wildlife is here to stay, thanks to you, furnish believed in that part of the game in the winter sure he's divergent Association Of Broadcasters Association with the station Washington has full of questions we, Morey, I footer sure last Henderson just seventy a press release from, whacked Lives Matter Minneapolis I want you to hear the sport press release, and, you're just brace yourself what you hear this, they Y. Minneapolis Minnesota, on Wednesday July thirteenth a Coalition of White, people, and non black people of color, shut down, the interstate thirty-five Welsh bridge, in solid already with the movement for Black a lives, condemning the ongoing killings of black people by police in the Twin Cities, and across the country, the Coalition released the following statement, last Wednesday full land Ok a steal was shot six times, the Coalition can damage there's violence believes this shutdown reinforces our belief, the comfort and business as usual must be disrupted, until substantive changes occurred our city and throughout the country, this group, demands the dismantling of The Police Department, which includes just harming the D. funding, D. military Rising and dissed Parenting, police, I was non black people committed to Highlighting the voices a black organizers members of this group, will not speak, to the playoffs, well that's a disappointment, that's that's that's really heartbreaking they're not going to be discussed said at a press release. Calling for the dismantling of The Police, and then shut out, I'm gonna say this this is crude but you wanna know what the name of the group has call, and you donated dump this Eric because are our listeners are, I got a big boy pants on our big girl dresses all we can we can handle this group is called the group with the Coalition of White people and non black people of color is the group that wants to dismantle the police, they're Colby Coalition to wake your ass up, so the Coalition to wake your ass has shutdown the eye thirty-five W. bridge, in Minneapolis, now, that's what goal, if it weren't so serious if the subject matter one so didn't involve life and death You just you just laugh this clown was away, but there's not even criticism, for such video she, so where is that criticism, where the president worse the governor Minnesota worst Governor Dayton once you condemned these clowns, for suggesting The Police P.D. defended the militar rise didn't disbanded, the Wake your ass up Coalition, yet we need to wake up, we need to wake up well right we got to get out of our Schoop or an our fear, of standing up for what is right, and rejecting, what is wrong and evil, and your first up on the might Gallagher show eight hundred six five five Mike are toll-free number hey die in how are you, there are you doing good got things going one honor. He had given her way out, when you play for matters T shirt yes and she's been wearing that, she gets pumped up, she gets comment, hotel I should maybe Pierce Trump there are getting pretty good about the she got She getting a negative reactions I am, she she won't get also, the Nuggets changes debut with the should get a negative reaction for wearing our entered the police Lives Matter, it's all been positive, good player, and then there's another and she wanted me to try you thank you very much a lot thank over a much the league Dianne I very much appreciate, your support of our foundation you get those police live matters, Lives Matter T shirts on our website and make a donation to the families of the knot or the officers in Dallas, I'd like to believe that there will be no more law enforcement of officers killed this year sadly I know that not to be the case and we will continue to assist the families, a police officers you've been killed in the light of duty noted Gallagher's R.B. dot org, that Gallagher's Army dot org or call eight eight eight, ninety-nine I give J.J. your next up a J.J. how are you, all claims Mike thank you go out and get it, two, thankfully I just wanted to stay, you know I agree it is, thank you, you're doing what the president, you know what you're saying You want to be nothing to keep it. Hornets right and he played good ready for the first fifteen minutes but he kind of acquainted, you know these guys better, there's so long maligned truck, the fifth people need to pressure when it gets read that attitude, business, please click who's given a call, many order like they don't realise how much they need to net and like you know you know life not need to play, we know there, you better believe that and and and do it, Don't get me wrong when I when I my inclination is not too, you know, the critical of Obama for yesterdays address I know about your right about the missed opportunities and and listen Obama could have had a dif should've had a different voice, when it comes to police and respect for law enforcement he has not who he is pretty good go to Dallas and payers respects and get paid tribute to those officers and their families I think it meant a lot to those families regardless of their political affiliation and I just that's just how I feel but the again J.J. don't do please don't miss understand, we also can't miss understand the whole goal, jumper in the Shark her raising this group greater Ginsburg a shooting Supreme Court Justice going after Donald Trump once again Trump comes out a something, smell alike or Rose will break it down, professor Todd's a Wickey and more, Mike Gallagher show rolls along, this is sixty chance. we got our supplies gathered for trip to Cleveland got some staples a supplies of course you get the state wears in the paper and all that stuff that we need the Staples besides being that the go to place for everything surrounding and Paul being the offer supplies, they also have amazing tips on how to grow Your Business with the staple Small Business hub, we're using social media the right way to have a business or you don't really know how to use Twitter and Facebook and all hash tag did you know less is more when it comes to hash bags on Facebook, that's the kind of wisdom you get from the Staples Small Business hope they updated all the time i want you to stay on top of that if you run a business and you want all the kind of chips little give you the competitive advantage going to Staples dot com slash Small Business ha these guys know what they're doing, and they are helping businesses all over the country, everyone loves a great deal and Staples has great trips to grow Your Business going to Staples dot com, slash Small Business of Staples dot com slash Small Business up, this is a special announcements Raul Americans who own back taxes to the I.R.S. or state pay attention there's a special toll-free hotline set up especially for you this hot line will give you free information on how you can legally reduce or eliminate your tax that call The Tax pair hotline today at one eight hundred four four two forty-eight forty grab a pen or put the number in years. 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The Blackman who was shot and killed by a white police officers outside a convenience store in Baton Rouge Louisiana, last week, this is S.R.I. News, news, something and twelve sixty, it's cloudy and eighty-two degrees eleven thirty one good morning I'm Scott Brady you three young men are under arrest for Police chase that led to a brief lockdown at the US capital authorities arrested nineteen year old T.N.T. Edwards eighteen year old out for John allowing twenty year old Keith, after am a litany of charges including assault on an officer Resisting arrest and several weapons charges at one point D.C. police two capping when you're says Edwards used a small machine gun to fire shots of police officers in pursuit, but no one was injured, D.C. police are asking for the publics help and finding an alleged bank Robert police say surveillance camera footage shows a man entering a bank in the eleven hundred block of first-rate northeast on Tuesday he ends the tell are no demanding money than walks out the suspect is white about five foot eight and light brown hair anyone with information's asked to call D.C. police the F.B.I. says at least two guns, we're stolen from an agents vehicle in D.C. the F.B.I. issue guns were taken from a locked box inside a vehicle parked in Northeast on Sunday entire locked box was stolen it held a hand gun and a longtime, voters will get to voiced their opinions on whether to make the District of Columbia State This November the D.C. careful yesterday voted unanimously to put the issue up for referendum if approved it won't make the district est but it could turn some heads on Capitol Hill mayor mural Boucher says she plans to campaign not only four yes vote but for yes foot with an overwhelming margin I'm Tom. Appearing on special report tonight with Brett Baird six P.M., tomorrow the Nestor Sousa will tell it's all about, the Los Angeles Premier, of Hillary's America the movie, Hillary's America revealed the route chipper thinking to Nash has done it again and he did something I walk I saw the movie last week, and he The takes an approach where he talks about what has happened to him, how he was prosecuted, there's a funny Shane in the movie where he sitting with all these, Harden criminals behind bars, and they're all say no one would E.N. for you know the old proverbial what would you do what E.N. four, and to mesh is asking what he and four well I, murdered somebody all rape somebody like kidnapped somebody, and they say to him, what you do, when you win four, and to mesh says, well I gave more money in a campaign contribution to a friend of mine who was running for Senate but I was allowed to go, in the criminals all breakout in laughter, if they can't believe it, the government is prosecuted somebody for that, and and, punished him the way they did, well perhaps the measures the last laugh with his amazing movie Hillary's America for details, but Hillary's America, the movie dot com its and theaters everywhere July twenty second, get your tickets now you could three or your tickets and a movie theater near you, Hillary's America the movie dot com and tomorrow to Nestor Sousa will stoplight as he was review. Of the movie it tells about P.L.A. Premier, have you heard about route better Ginsburg, holy cow what's wrong with her, doctor Todd so Wickey from George Mason and I break it down next, E.T. answer, , a lot of people talk about the need of the spirit sure well any player for Cushing shoe owner run a business right now there's an event coming up in September that you have to attend it should be, you know full Rich called in Sarasota Florida, the O.'s and business leaders from around the country will be there to hear an mingle with other well known Christian business leaders, this is a great organization, this is an organization that, is making a big difference in the world the fellowship of companies for Christ were known as F. C.C. I remember those letters F.C.C. I dot org because this event for less than a hundred seats left and the event is just a few weeks away September eighteenth through the twenty second in Sarasota reserve your spot right now by going to have to C.C. 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Grades for the fourteen streetwear age, and then on not Third Street Tunnel North found away from the streetwear New York Avenue running heavy there to ninety-five G.M.'s of southbound from any Helen Burrows happen if Pennsylvania Avenue sixty-six eastbound heavy traffic between the Dallas connector road headed over toward sycamore Street, Accu Weather forecast partly sunny warm and humid a couple of heavy afternoon and even thunderstorms today High in six partly cloudy warm and humid tonight Los seventy-six in them partly sunny hiding he would tomorrow afternoon evening thunderstorms ninety-five, early sunny hot and humid ninety-three on Friday cloudy and eighty in Washington I'm Scott Grady with traffic and weather on am twelve sixteen The answer, will it be doing here making money without Dayton with healthy station, they're awesome portable Ted screen photo who could be even taking felt even in all night doubt the year before, so what's right handed pitchers such a great memory, recently lot fill the station on having more fun in making more money that every man is the perfect my brothers wedding coming soon because I don't have asked, do you want to own a business that's fun that everybody loves right now Selvie station is offering a sweet deal to get your started for a Super low investment you can be up and running in just thirty days wedding scoreboard functions problems club a backs holiday parties be the first in your area you won't believe how much people Will Beatty made Your Business the life of their party and right now Selvie stations Sweden's the D.. 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Will be for four hard days of the night, the G.O.P. Fight For The White House has been long and hard, it finally did they get their act together and take on the Democrats and Hillary Clinton can they take this footer party and make it work, it's going to take a lot of work in a few hard days and nights Joyce as we present the G.O.P. national convention coming July eighteenth, an am twelve sixty, the answer, they are twelve sixty theater, but Mo, Washington, twelve, , once well we'll reminded about the importance of the Supreme Court, as it applies to the presidential election I I just I this happens over and over again there's a a sequence of events, that, they were Donald Trump in such a dramatic manner, Vader games, to decide didn't start attacking Trump, she went after him in a major way she told The New York Times I think it's a displays to the court I mean she, he went all out about He's a fake, and he's not, and he would be, time to moved in New Zealand almost really crazy stuff, Trump tweeted out last night, reminding shot, and as somebody who has dealt with Shane years in my life, Hugues Hebert in signs of dementia and also timers and I don't see that lightly about later gives Bird, she has a Melbourne when woman, and something changed to gone wrong but in the meantime. Politically split game, once again comes out smell alike Arroyo's and occasion haven't been no machine, the political headline today State starter, Trump is now assured dream past Hillary Clinton, in two of the elections most important battleground states, missed Wednesday polls released by Quinn a pre Accu to where she show clump, leading Clinton in Florida N. Pennsylvania, and tied to the critical battleground state of Ohio you know, there is absolutely, a connection between, I should emerge Supreme Court Justice, demonstrating such a toll, lack of regard for ethics and, and normal she, and the Republican the presumptive propelled Republican nominee, benefiting from it, now I've been wanting to I will get the day after day week after week, had been the emphasizing the importance of the Supreme Court as applies to this, race between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump the Republicans who, by, some default support Hillary Clinton, are doing, wave disservice to this country, by putting the Supreme Court of the hands, of misses clip, and incidentally they know what they know what, they know their heart these are stupid people, they're not comfortable with it, they don't like Donald Trump and they are, motivated by their petulant by their there their temper tantrum by their frustration, there was judgment of the voters electing Trump to be the nominee they don't like it, but believe me, in their hearts they know, what what a whole pick thing they're doing to America by supporting Hillary Clinton. It's why this election, is so, voter Lee consequential and essential, Buckner top Joe accused executive director of the Georgia Mesa lot economic center, G.M. you Foundation professor of law, he is the editor of the Supreme Court economic review and he joins us once again on our guest line, doctors in which he welcome back to the might Gallagher shot you venture, I've been doing great my body things happen fast in the selection cycle don't think it's just incredible and it it happens in the blink of an eye but is sometimes I think that the universe the Stars lineup, and better fit, this bombastic controversial Republican nominee in a way that you just couldn't even script it what in the world could route Vader Ginsburg be Frank keen to have said the kinds of things she said both to The New York Times then she doubled down with C.N.N., and I mean that the the the lack of ethics and professionalism and common sense that she has exhibited is starting to do you think I'm wrong in suggesting that maybe, there is some dimension or something wrong with her factored loose, I'm not going to say, it's not the Philly dimension of Mike because that means I didn't really, I mean this is the Liberal additional fine set which is that the arm, you know what what do they give averted great gaffe where she basically third in public which you know she than every night around the dinner table. With their plan, these are liberal dish online that is that we know better than everybody else, we're more, you know epic goal in our user and everything else and everybody else , some spent time with the mentioned it is that and attitude or the world, that will be reflected, in the Liberal Judicial mindset, they comes out and they're in their opinion, in any kind of ruling that they they may come on the spring Port so I think they're really which he just did here and it's it's the piling lack of duty issue at that, it's an appalling, some intervention likable like we've never seen before but that but I don't think it has to be dimension I just think it's it's been added to of we know better, then then ordinary American and so we have an obligation to tell before the end of the rule tone applied to us that there we can win again on the sort of things and feel no obligation to recuse themselves later meaning, you know target you recruiters off of you feel like you can't rule, in a fair manner but with, but on their view the rules just aren't really plying I think that's a lot of oversee inner steel probably right of course and all of the thirty year your judgment on this because but I but I have to tell you that I know the way a lot of these folks on the left talk around the dinner table but you would think that is Supreme Court Justice would have to acknowledge well it would be an appropriate for me pick. Condemn, somebody who very well may be the next president I mean how in the world which should be expected to jugar to demonstrate, any kind of been partially alley from the bench, when the commander and chief could very well be the the the man that she's just announced a few months ago, that's right Mike and and you know there's really caught it kind of team issues here which allowed just didn't Bird of attitude obviously and the lack of, first impart you how he did it showed, but the they're going on, but this weekend, he basically saying you know that Donald Trump with destroyed the Supreme Court here that you know better than his present, but think about having whose goal on the one punt, you know understated union attack the Supreme Court to their faces shot was blocked with monitor tackle over citizen nice right from the first retinue found out that I have a long list of litmus test, four of my point Keith this spring put one of most of Helling in glaring, when you get one depends I recall overseeing a President and I can they're killing went on one of the things that what does he think Donald Trump gonna do that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have a daughter ready, Anton glove, learning the court into a political arm, imposing a litmus test the wood, limit the independent slump, of the Supreme Court and others that kind of looking Manti created her head which got to distract us on the fact that it's been Barack Obama Hillary Clinton. Had the most amazing attacks on traditional independent but I've ever seen in my life not doctor Todd slick he's with those executive director of the George Mason lot economics center I wanna remind for the benefit of people may not have heard what she said, but to their two she said of the Republican, presumptive, republican presidential nominee he is a fake or he has no consistency about him, he really has an eagle at first I thought it was funny she said of trumps candidacy to think that there's a possibility that he could be President her voice trailed off, the league This was after she took jabs at him in The New York Times, top much talk a little bit about what Hillary Clinton would do, if elected president with the Supreme Court led whether or not she has, stages of dimension whether or not, she has lost to Marbles or or a reminder shot as Jazz Trump, the show, you know bluntly put it, she is, I don't really well men, there are going to be new Supreme Court Justice as much talk numbers let's talk Turkey how many open vacancies do you do you think there could begin the next forty-eight years and what what what kind of Justice is would the President Hillary Clinton put into their Supreme Court, well there is a difference thought of Hillary there but I remains Year Mike which a lot of people don't probably remember but he did you up. The report actually boycotted the speedy Union Address your after Bill Clinton with him, impeach for luxury before, before the grand jury right I mean role, Atlanta, , insult to the Federal Judicial your yup of Porter during himself with enough to get that Supreme Court actually yeah I'm refused to kind of thirty union to take it as a way of all, all the job, as a way of showing the resistance that's a different yapping, people were talking about we're talking about Hillary Bill Clinton and when you actually get to the Supreme Court of its pretty obvious, it Byrd or sofas than him, hope for a very long time level the other job This is our are quite elderly we obviously have won I'm he pending already, Garland has been nominated two, but really the concern is just the Kennedy He lie believe is the maybe eighty, at this point we've got some elderly tough to them, and you never know what's going to happen I mean obviously took the Scully is path and was very sudden I'm and people did not think that he was won on the list, who might be creative vacancy right but we're talking about it will be the fifth vote and possibly, one or two more not to not, after winning the Kyle putback, we'll replacing elderly justice like that again Bird, we wanted to either eighty or an early seventies with, a young whippersnappers I'm somebody in their forty or or something like that is there any doubt that Hillary Clinton will look like is there any doubt that Hillary Clinton when a point just uses with through most of us would be a completely up all the more to fight over.