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Listen: "Ferguson Police are still looking for a suspect"

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I'm routine and I'm Ryan Kelly we have cloudy skies its thirty nine degrees at the Gateway Arch court Rolling is lighting the controversial social two Bar and Restaurant in University city serve liquor this is Brooklyn that wasn't the case for the past week but it judges now issue to stay ordered lifting the city's reputation of the bar slippery license for the duration of the legal case Al Watkins a turning for the owner of the topple spar knows this is far from the end of the back and forth battle with city officials in all with the Scherzer you know we we may be at the bottom of the third Watkins has business of the bar where waitresses work only inviting pain from the waist up was Brisk even after police moved in last Friday and forced the city's reputation of social house to sleeker license Brooklyn News Radio eleven twenty KMOX away say the man shot outside of Ferguson market on the West floor sent Thursday night has died from his injuries the thirty-five year old was involved in the argument or find about seven o clock in the evening hit by a single shot he was able to run to the nearby McDonald's to get help Ferguson Police are still looking for a suspect giddy the dog has died you know recalled QB was a German Shepard mix that was shot earlier This Week near Harney and trust in North Saint Louis might Perkins as the director the Missouri remains a sites Animal cruelty task force any says the dog had just undergone surgery to have a right front leg amputated he's developed since severe leading an that that's where unable to stop the bleeding all of the reset situation that they tried were to no avail and unfortunately she pass a twenty-five other Valor Award is being offered for information that leads to an arrest in conviction in the case you can learn more at KMOX dot com.