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What Makes The Stock Market Go Up Or Down?

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Andrew Burton
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What you know that you owner Peter Cup in how do you value that stock what what makes it goes up and down understating values in Y staunch move is a lifetime of study everybody you've heard me fended in a short run the stock market and fight the ball trial one day pose attention and just Dogs can go much higher month Murray on a day-to-day basis motions rain these are rather moves and you can Everett know what that's going to do day-to-day by than the long run stock prices go up when earnings for the pa or the playoffs vertebra niche for companies goal and they fall when the prospects are gonna go down and earn a tournament and that's kind of saw the first part of the first quarter wise the reaction to earning projections following and I think for now for the first quarter earnings are supposed to be down about seven percent pretty bad Tillery year yeah it's not going to be good as nothing now you're gonna I know what funded you're gonna hear all on neutral they'd be Ducks by patient maybe the expectations that's because the experts quarter quote experts have beaten down the expectations so far in nearly through that they do it every quarter basis that's the case wins for the full year earnings are acts well every quarter they do that's where for example the first quarter beef when before started earnings executions were a one point two percent growth for one point two percent growth and Mike he said throughout the quarter lower than lower than lower their education store now be expect about a seven percent drop in earnings as a pretty that's huge three months now here's drop huge I wrote about the Martin commentary above about that and and about their prized early this re showed the price of stocks are actually going up even though the stock market itself was what with a year or a little bit down but you know what you are reading where you know went into action but earnings gonna come out they beat expectation the vets can be down if if you're if you expected to your earnings for the year to be on seven percent and they're only down five percent great job Luigi if that was better than expected but still down five percent but should the strong Price go up because the yet that's really the question of whether question do you half you must have some or maybe.