The USS Iowa: Admiral Robert J. Natter Discusses Its Impressive Strengths

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he used to be back in the day you can actually just Parker off the coast somewhere and people would stop paying attention before she did anything. Well that's right those sixteen into guns a two thousand one hundred down Volkswagen equivalent of not to twenty one miles and with nine guns yeah that's serious business yeah and so even that she had to fire or you just up the pocket that most of the time and people to actually stop listening, We don't have anything like that anymore well I would argue our aircraft carriers are pretty impressive to me and they certainly can throw a lot of  the US military might around where needed, In so modern day weapon three nine technology the we have is impressive cholesterol concern is is will have enough of it there are those in the passive said Well it's not just the numbers game of because we have more capable ships and the Buddy which in the past. God news for those people so the Chinese so the Russians and so we're not going to guess but the Wits with aren't systems today we're going to guess systems that are almost are equivalent in talking to admiral a robot J that he is in the state of I with today's live in how studio talking to him about all kinds of things you got a national Toy of the state capital today by a good friend of mine the former commander Anders vessels base Colonel can rise, Ken was very kind to take me over need to a number of your legislators over there I've got a great is is a beautiful capital is not and was impressed with the senators legislators that I met Governor Lieutenant Governor. Of our you're very fortunate usually very proud of your elected officials jury or a private home state how about that but not know I've never seen a capital quite is impressive is the house here in Iowa so so good and while your own wondering around they so have very nice model of the information US'S I whether we have in the capital and show sure did, the first thing that asked body and there's a bell that there was a lot of LA and I've been campaigning for quite some time now to get the bell back when she belongs along with the the so where