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Vietnam Vet Jack Craig Reels Off His War Wounds

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we were a on patrol and we set off a angered Eight in two of Monk or are a whole Lee figured it was of spider Hall for the victim Ainge and now it when off, and then we got him, Bigger, explosion, and I caught piece is about, up pieces trap Nomo Chacin on didn't lead not like this, stuck with big and that was my real way coming to be at now , is that, you never know with the gone on, get hit or not, and now it's gonna hurt, , I still have fish will try to my upper layup and this side of mind Nos, it's still not, I can't shave, because of myself, I'm clearly into right here, I can't feel , so you've had that mustache for a long time, yeah because otherwise, wise I couldn't make it, , I shaved it off, one time I safe right carom, yeah, and that was it, I never shape, after I got wounded there, because I had a bit due to coalesce share it up, to cover up the whole where the metal to be went through the might champ, in fact the medal is still right, they're shows up and mine did all a tree is still a new cheek all these, later I've got metal all over my body of got about eighteen or nineteen pieces a metal and my body from, Kang going eight ambush, that makes airports front, no they're all small and they're all very deep in my skin, they don't say anything to the undone, , the only thing this really visible far scars reunite that is my shoulder where I got shot. I got a bowl cross the shoulder